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Lifesize Outdoor Nativity Set

The life size nativity set was new in 2009. It is hard work to get these made and boxed up, but it is just amazing to see the nativity displayed in this size. It is totally worth the effort. If you've got the budget and the space (not only display space, but also think about storage space because the box is huge) this is a wonderful display.

lifesize nativity sets lifesize nativity set

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  • 102" wide x 92" tall (to top of star) x 22" deep
  • Shipped in a custom designed 88" x 48" x 6" box that can be used for storage between the seasons. It comes strapped to a 4 ft x 8 ft palette. How nativity set is packaged.
  • Made from 13mm, 16mm & 19mm marine grade, PVC material with critical points re-enforced with an additional 16mm support. This should last long enough to become an heirloom. About nativity materials
  • Can be assembled in just a few minutes or less.
  • No fasteners or screws of any kind are required for nativity assembly. Joints slide together and are secured in place by 4 tie-down points and stakes hammered into your soil. Ropes & stakes are provided (but if your soil is particularly sandy or wet, you may need to get larger stakes).
  • Please note that additional characters are sold at a discount on this page when you order them with your nativity.
  • Beautifully detailed large outdoor nativity silhouette, made from the highest quality marine grade solid PVC available.
    Designed and manufactured in the USA. 102" wide x 92" tall (to top of star) x 22" deep.
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