How to Light Up Your Outdoor Nativity Scene

You can have the most beautiful nativity scene in the neighbourhood, but when the sun goes down it won’t be enjoyed by anyone if they can’t see it! It is important to light up the nativity display in your yard, but this can be a little bit tricky. You will need to have the right lighting and make sure that it operates correctly and stands up to the elements. You will also need to make sure that the lighting illuminates your nativity scene properly so that it can be seen. Here are some tips for lighting up your outdoor nativity scene in your yard:
  • To make sure that your Christmas display is as safe as possible, your source of power should come from a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet - otherwise known as a GFCI. This outlet is designed to shut the circuit down if there is an overcurrent. If you don’t have an outlet like this, you can ask a qualified electrician to install one outdoors so that you can use it every Christmas.
  • When you are choosing extension cords to use, make sure that they are rated for outdoor use and that the connections are kept well away from snow, ground and water.
  • If an extension cord goes across a walkway, cover it with tape so that it does not become a tripping hazard.
  • Always use a waterproof floodlight to illuminate your nativity scene. Do some research and confirm that the light is designed for outdoor use. Also, the light bulbs should be outdoor rated as well.
  • Watch out for flammable materials. For example, if you have a nativity scene with a lot of hay around the stable, keep it away from light bulbs that generate heat and might cause it to ignite.
  • You can choose Christmas flood lights that have a different hue, such as red, green or blue. Could this add a little bit of visual interest to your nativity scene or would it look better illuminated with a typical white or yellow light.
  • Before you secure the flood light in place, move it around to make sure that it lights p the entire nativity scene and doesn’t leave any pieces in the darkness.
  • Avoid overloading your circuits and use no more than 1,400 watts on a circuit. If the other lights in your house go dimmer when you turn on your Christmas lights, you are using too much electricity.
You might want to light up your nativity scene in a way so that it casts a shadow on the wall behind it (like in the featured image of this post). This will make it look like there is a larger version of the nativity projected on the wall, which is a beautiful and dramatic look. An outdoor nativity scene is the perfect way to celebrate your faith during the holiday season and spread Christmas cheer throughout the neighbourhood. With these tips, your nativity scene will be lit up brightly and safely for all to see.