Nativity Wisemen Set

nativity WiseMen
White silhouette wise men and camel for your outdoor Christmas display. Comes in 3 sizes.

Size Price Discount if With Nativity
Medium Wisemen Set 17" wide x 29" tall, 10mm thick Buy Buy
Large Wisemen Set 24" wide x 41" tall, 13mm thick Buy Buy
Lifesize Wisemen Set 37" wide x 62" tall, 16mm thick Buy Buy
  • Beautifully detailed nativity Wisemen.
  • Made of the same high end marine grade, PVC material the nativity is made of. I spent a lot of time researching PVC sheets and believe me; they are not all the same. About our materials
  • Wisemen comes with clips that can be attached to 1/2" re-bar or a stake (not included) to secure to the ground.

Nativity Wisemen

The wisemen were the addition for 2013. I've had a long time to think about the wisemen. By far, I get more requests for them than any other character. But from the beginning I knew that I wanted to add my characters in the order they show up in the Christmas story. So, it's been a long wait. With five years to think about this, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to draw. But, just as happened with the angel, it turns out that my ideas were completely wrong.

Several years ago I decided I wanted it to be clear that the wisemen had just barely arrived. In an attempt to do that, I planned to have one of the wisemen still standing with the camel. He would be hurriedly pulling his gift from the saddlebag, with his back to the manger but so excited to see the baby that he would be glancing over his shoulder, hoping to catch a glimpse. His emotion, frustration and excitement of finally being there, so close, but still needing to get his gift and settle his camel before he could go see the child…well, it was all very clear to me. So, that is what I drew. I thought it was perfect. I loved it. Then I started showing it to family and friends and without exception, every single person wanted to know what “that guy was stealing”. It seemed that without the benefit of the back story in my head, he just look like some guy ruffling through the pack on the camel, looking over his shoulder to be sure he wasn't caught. The joke quickly became that Jesus had been meant to receive gold, frankincense, myrrh and silver but "that guy" stole the silver.

Hmm…so, it was time to let go of my preconceived notions and just draw. And again, just as it was with the angel, once I let go of my pre-conceived ideas the design just drew itself. (Well, that's not completely true. I messed with their headdresses for about three weeks.) None of them were what I'd planned on, but they were all what they should have been all along.

What I realized as I drew was that except for the angel, those wisemen were the only ones there who may have truly had a grasp on what was occurring. They knew the signs. They had travelled great distances, probably for years, to be a part of this story. They understood it to be a fulfillment of prophecy; a miracle that would change the world; and I believe, with that understanding came profound humility in the honor of being part of it. I've mentioned here that every time I draw a character for this nativity, the word 'peace' seems central in my mind. But once I let go of my own ideas, and just drew these wisemen, the word that was constantly there was 'humility'.