10 Best Christmas Presents For Runners

If there’s a runner in your life, you may be trying to figure out what to get them for the holidays. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best Christmas gifts for runners. We’re confident that by choosing one of the gifts below, you’ll be sure to wow the loved ones in your life.  

Ugly Christmas Sweater Training Shirt One of our favorite shirts is an ugly Christmas sweater that doubles as a lightweight microfiber shirt. The long-sleeve design makes it the ideal option for early-morning winter training sessions or the Christmas Eve 5k that you signed up for this year.   

Beer-Related Race Shirts For the casual runner in your life, you could also look into getting an alcohol-related t-shirt. We’ve seen one shirt that says, “I Run for Beer” and another shirt for “Track Town Brewery.” For the light-hearted runner in your family, this is an excellent option.  

Race Bib Coasters We recently came across a gift that is ideal for the drink you have when you get home from a race. This set of four coasters is made from an old race bib. Although the bibs vary, they typically tend to come from more popular marathons such as the Boston, Philadelphia, and New York Marathons. 

Muscle Rub Do you ever find that the runner in your life finishes an intense workout and is sore for the next few days? You can buy organic, herbal creams that are great for feet, ankles, hamstring, and any other that becomes particularly sore after a long training session.  

Socks Another critical piece of clothing is socks. There are different types of socks that you can purchase, but you really can’t go wrong with any kind. Consider moisture-wicking socks or fun Christmas-themed socks.  

A FlipBelt This new gadget is similar to a fanny pack but is much more conducive to runners and those who live an active lifestyle. It contains zippers and pockets so that runners can store their keys, cell phone, ID, and cash without worrying about it while training.  

Recovery Flip Flops And Sweats When the runner in your life makes it home and takes off their shoes and sweaty clothes, make sure they have a comfortable pair of plush flip-flops and sweatpants waiting for them.  

Workout-Inspired Underwear Consider purchasing a set of seven pairs of underwear where each one contains a workout. For example, Sunday may be the “Rest” underwear, Monday may be the “Tempo” underwear, and Tuesday could be the “Long Run” underwear. You could also consider purchasing a separate pair with motivational sayings, such as “Run Your Butt Off.”  

A Tote Bag Do you know someone who runs before or after work and is always looking for ways to carry their sweaty equipment from one location to another? Consider purchasing a tote or duffel bag that has rooms for their shoes and clothes.  

Marathon-Roast Coffee There’s no better way to give the runner in your life a boost in the morning than with marathon-roast coffee, designed explicitly for runners.