Happy Easter!

Share the Good News - He is Risen


With over 16 years of happy customers our outdoor nativity scenes are unsurpassed in artistry with a simple, elegant, and calm design. They are easy to assemble and are available in 4 sizes. Purchase the complete set or pick and choose to build your own personalized scene. All outdoor nativity sets, additional nativity figures, and messages are made in America of the highest quality American made PVC plastic, built to withstand all kinds of weather.

In 2008, MyNativity began as a family-owned small business. Our goal at that time, as it continues now, is to create inspiring and beautiful outdoor nativity scenes that will convey the true meaning of the two most important Christian holidays, Christmas and Easter.  

All sets come in your choice of four different sizes. One of them is right for your setting. We invite you to explore our gallery page to better understand how each of these sets may fit into your specific display area.


Ideal for enhancing the holiday ambiance of homes, businesses, hospitals, churches, community centers, and much more. These quality crafted outdoor nativity scenes showcase individual pieces, words, phrases, and enchanting tableaus.

Individuals have the opportunity to curate their own personalized Christmas scene by selecting individual pieces, or save time by purchasing one of our gorgeous arranged scenes.

Our remarkable collection of display items includes a nativity scene featuring the Holy Family, complete with baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Additionally, we offer an angel, a star of Bethlehem, and the humble manger of the newborn King.

We also have heartwarming messages, such as "Merry Christmas" and "Joy!" Choose from various sizes—small, medium, large, and life-sized.

The Wise Men

The wise men (Magi, Three Kings) are a significant staple of the nativity scene, symbolizing the universal adoration of even the noblest kings for the beloved Jesus Christ.

The Star of Bethlehem

Shining brightly in the night sky, the Star of Bethlehem guided the three wise men to the birthplace of Jesus. It represents divine guidance and the fulfillment of ancient prophecies.

The Shepherd

Jesus, often referred to as the Good Shepherd, was born to guide and protect his people, much like a shepherd tending to his flock.

The Manger

A humble and rustic feeding trough, the manger served as the cradle for the newborn King. It reminds us of the remarkable humility and humanity of Jesus, who came into the world in the humblest of circumstances.
Let this enchanting outdoor Christmas scene inspire awe and reverence as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. May it serve as a reminder of the profound love, peace, and joy that the Savior's arrival brings to all. Rejoice and share the glad tidings, for He is born!

All products come in your choice of four different sizes. One is right for your setting.

Size Chart
  • 94 inches tall. Excellent for churches, businesses, hospitals, or large homes.

  • 62 inches tall. Our best seller. Larger than most nativities sold elsewhere, this is our most popular size.

  • 45 inches tall. Great for small yards, decks, patios, or even indoors.

  • 28 inches tall. Great on a porch, near a Christmas tree, fireplace, on a mantle, or a table top.