Large Outdoor Easter Nativity Set

Large Outdoor Easter Nativity Set
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  • Beautifully detailed outdoor Easter Nativity Scene
  • Share the Good News, He is Risen
  • Easter Nativity set includes Jesus, Mary, Large Cross, Tomb and stone
  • Nativity Set is 48" tall x 12' wide when set up.
    • Jesus - 41" x 20"
    • Mary - 29" x 23"
    • Large Cross - 48" x 30"
    • Tomb - 32" x 47"
    • Stone - 16" x 16"
  • Made from the highest quality 1/2” thick, American made PVC material that will withstand all weather conditions.
  • Set comes with clips and 1/2" re-bar to secure the pieces to the ground.
  • Shipped in custom designed 54" x 35" x 3" box that can be used for storage between the seasons
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Celebrate the Resurrection with a Large Easter Nativity Set from My Nativity.
Easter is significant in many ways. Beckoning spring, we often celebrate with easter eggs, chocolates, candies, and a great, big wonderful meal.
Christians worldwide also recognize Easter as a commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The Easter Nativity Set is increasingly becoming a popular way to symbolize the resurrection of Christ.
This Easter Nativity Set consists of figures that depict various characters from the Easter story. These figures include Jesus Christ, Mary the mother of Jesus, the cross, and the tomb and the rock which was miraculously moved to reveal Jesus had risen! 

Where is the perfect place for a Large Easter Nativity Set?

This large Easter Nativity Set is often displayed in front of homes, churches, and other public places during the Easter season.
The Easter Nativity Set is a powerful symbol of faith and resurrection. The resurrection of Christ is the cornerstone of Christian faith, and the Easter Nativity Set serves as a reminder of this crucial event. The scene of Jesus Christ juxtaposed with the tomb symbolizes his resurrection and victory over death.
The Easter Nativity Set is not just a religious symbol but also a cultural icon. It is a way for people to come together and celebrate their faith, especially during the Easter season. Families often set up an Easter Nativity Set at home as a way to teach their children about the importance of Easter and the story of Jesus Christ.
In addition to this Large Easter Nativity Set, we also have other sizes available.
In conclusion, the Easter Nativity Set is a powerful symbol of faith and resurrection, representing the cornerstone of Christian belief. It is a cultural icon and a way for people to come together and celebrate their faith during the Easter season. The intricate and beautiful craftsmanship of the nativity sets makes them a work of art that can be treasured for years to come.

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Large Outdoor Easter Nativity Set
Large Outdoor Easter Nativity Set - MyNativity

All products come in your choice of four different sizes. One is right for your setting.

Size Chart
  • 94 inches tall. Excellent for churches, businesses, hospitals, or large homes.

  • 62 inches tall. Our best seller. Larger than most nativities sold elsewhere, this is our most popular size.

  • 45 inches tall. Great for small yards, decks, patios, or even indoors.

  • 28 inches tall. Great on a porch, near a Christmas tree, fireplace, on a mantle, or a table top.