Medium Outdoor Easter Nativity Set

Medium Outdoor Easter Nativity Set
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  • This is a beautifully detailed outdoor Easter Nativity Scene
  • Share the Good News; He is Risen
  • This Easter Nativity set includes Jesus, Mary, Cross, Tomb and Stone
  • This Nativity Set is 36" tall x 8' wide when set up.
    • Jesus - 29" x 14"
    • Mary - 20" x 14"
    • Cross - 36" x 23.5"
    • Tomb - 32" x 21"
    • Stone - 11" x 11"
  • Made from the highest quality 3/8” thick, American made PVC material that will withstand all weather conditions.
  • Set comes with clips and 1/2" re-bar to secure the pieces to the ground.
  • Shipped in a custom-designed 38" x 27" x 4" box that can be used for storage between the seasons.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Medium Easter Nativity Set Details

This beautiful five-piece Nativity Set has been designed with love to depict the Rising of Christ and includes Jesus, Mary, the cross, the tomb, and the stone. It is the last scene of the Resurrection of Jesus.
The PVC used in this, and in all of our nativity scenes, is of the highest quality. The color is pure white all the way through and has the look and feel of wood. The PVC gives this Easter nativity set a stunning look. It can be painted, however, it looks perfectly heavenly as-is.
All the pieces of the Easter Nativity Set fit into a custom-size box that will keep the set safe. The box can easily be stored under a bed or in other narrow spaces.
Using outdoor lighting will enhance this nativity set, emphasizing its simplistic beauty and inspirational message.
If Easter goes deeper and means more to you than just the coming of spring, bunnies, and colored eggs, this Easter nativity set is an excellent way to show your unwavering faith and devotion. This pure white Easter nativity set embodies the spirit of the Easter season, which is renewal, hope and love. Your neighbors and all of those who pass by will be uplifted by the good intentions you have so thoughtfully put on display to be shared with your community. In a day and age when so much negativity is so readily available, it is wonderful that a simple, yet elegant lawn display, such as this Easter nativity set, can spread so much goodwill and positive energy, just by proudly standing in your front lawn.

Order your medium Easter Nativity Set and communicate the true meaning of the holiday with this important and much-revered traditional display. Let your handsomely adorned lawn be the leading example of light and faith to all of those around you.

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Medium Outdoor Easter Nativity Set
Medium Outdoor Easter Nativity Set - MyNativity

All products come in your choice of four different sizes. One is right for your setting.

Size Chart
  • 94 inches tall. Excellent for churches, businesses, hospitals, or large homes.

  • 62 inches tall. Our best seller. Larger than most nativities sold elsewhere, this is our most popular size.

  • 45 inches tall. Great for small yards, decks, patios, or even indoors.

  • 28 inches tall. Great on a porch, near a Christmas tree, fireplace, on a mantle, or a table top.