Lifesize Outdoor Nativity Set

  • Load image into Gallery viewer, LifeSize Outdoor Nativity Set - MyNativity
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, LifeSize Outdoor Nativity Set - MyNativity
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, LifeSize Outdoor Nativity Set - MyNativity
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, LifeSize Outdoor Nativity Set - MyNativity
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, LifeSize Outdoor Nativity Set - MyNativity
Lifesize Outdoor Nativity Set
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  • This is a beautifully detailed, life size outdoor nativity scene. It is an excellent size for churches, businesses, hospitals and large homes.
  • This set is the largest Nativity sold anywhere. It measures 102 inches wide, 94 inches high (to top of star) and 22 inches deep.
  • This Life Size Outdoor Nativity Scene includes Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, Manger, Star, Lamb, side fencing, and back fencing.
  • Made from the highest quality, American made PVC material that will withstand all weather conditions.
  • Our Life Size Nativity is 3/4 inches thick. The Manger is reinforced with an additional 3/4-inch-thick strip that runs up the back of each post. The Star is made of 1/2-inch-thick material.
  • Our Life Size Nativity can be assembled in just a few minutes.
  • No fasteners or screws of any kind are required for the nativity assembly. 
  • The joints slide together and are secured in place by four tie-down points and stakes hammered into your soil. The ropes & stakes are provided.
  • The Life Size Outdoor Nativity Scene is shipped in a custom-designed 92" x 48" x 6" box that can be used for storage between the seasons.
  • All our Outdoor Nativity sets and pieces are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Life-Size Outdoor Nativity Scene Details

If you wish to display a beautifully detailed, life size nativity set outdoors and are looking for something created with a devotedness to the true meaning of Christmas, look no further. Our Life Size Outdoor Nativity Scene is a lovingly created interpretation of the Christmas creche, the miracle of the birth of Jesus.
Our Life Size Outdoor Nativity Scene is made from the highest quality 3/4-inch thick PVC. This material is strong and solid enough to support this nativity’s size. By laminating on another layer of PVC where additional support is needed, the nativity becomes extremely sturdy.
This life size nativity set is quite easy to assemble. All ropes and stakes are included, and the shipping box provides the perfect way to store your nativity set when it’s not in use.
There are a host of other pieces you can add to your nativity sets to further enhance the complete representation of this most holy event.
We have a life size outdoor nativity donkey and a nativity ox. The grazing donkey became part of our lifesize collection in 2009. In 2015, the nativity ox was added. According to Christian ideals, the donkey represents the gentiles and the ox represents those of the Jewish faith. These animals bring a sense of calm and peacefulness to the nativity scene.
The nativity angel was added to our collection in 2011. With wings extended, she leans forward and gestures toward the baby Jesus. She also evokes a feeling of peace and love and is an important addition to your set.
In 2012, we added the standing shepherd set. The shepherd is tending to his flock of three sheep and his faithful dog sits nearby. It took over two months to get the design right on this humble figure. He was given the gift of being at the miracle of Christ’s birth and is an integral part of the story of Christmas.
The father and son shepherd set was introduced in 2014. It contains a kneeling shepherd and his son, along with two of their sheep. This is the father and little brother of our standing shepherd. They represent the unending bond between Father and Son.
We are also proud to offer our wise men set as a wonderful and meaningful addition to your nativity scene. The Life Size Outdoor Nativity Wise Men Set consists of the three wise men, bestowing their gifts upon the baby Jesus. This set comes complete with a sitting camel.
Let your outdoor nativity scene be an inspiration to others as they see and feel the true joy and spirit of Christmas. The nativity scene is the greatest earthly representation of God’s pure love. Order yours and be ready for the holiday season.

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Lifesize Outdoor Nativity Set
LifeSize Outdoor Nativity Set - MyNativity

All products come in your choice of four different sizes. One is right for your setting.

Size Chart
  • 94 inches tall. Excellent for churches, businesses, hospitals, or large homes.

  • 62 inches tall. Our best seller. Larger than most nativities sold elsewhere, this is our most popular size.

  • 45 inches tall. Great for small yards, decks, patios, or even indoors.

  • 28 inches tall. Great on a porch, near a Christmas tree, fireplace, on a mantle, or a table top.