15 Hilarious Pictures Of Cats And Santa

Are you a cat lover? If so, you’re going to adore these 15 hilarious pictures of cats and Santa. Each one had us keeled over in laughter. Although we don’t know exactly what our cats are thinking, the saying, “A picture says a thousand words” has never rung truer. Let us know what you think about these hilarious pictures of cats and Santa!
Black Bowtied Cats
In this photo, a jolly Santa Claus hugs two black cats next to his beard. The cats’ yellow eyes are wide open in terror. It wasn’t without effort, however, as the cats are wearing festive Christmas bowties.
Hear Me Roar
In this photo, Santa is holding a tiny kitten on his lap. It’s much to the kitten’s discontent, however. As the picture is taken, the kitten is caught meowing with disapproval.
A Warm Scarf
This cat’s parents adorned their pet with a snowman scarf for this photo shoot. Unfortunately, the smile on the cat was not as big as the one on Santa’s face.
Blank Stare
In what looks like something out of a bad 1980’s photo shoot, Santa Claus puts on an awkward smile as a white cat stares with disbelief into the camera.
In this photo, a very young Santa has a kitten on his lap. Santa is holding the legs of the kitten to ensure that it does not leap at the photographer.
Don’t Let Me Go
We can’t help but think that cats grow mischievous for a photo shoot. This cat needs to be wrapped and held for the picture.
Full Of Sass
In this photo, Santa looks on at the camera clearly miserable. The cat must have taken notice, as its body is limp and its face full with sass.
Matching Beard
Most types, Santa has a white beard. In this case, Santa’s beard is gray. This is ironic because the beard and the cat’s fur match!
Triple Team
In this hilarious photo, Santa holds two kittens. All three look as though they are set to jump through the camera.
Fluff Balls
Santa is quite the jolly fellow in this photo. The cats that accompany him are just as fluffy as his beard.
Plotting The Escape
Santa most hold this kitten by the stomach to keep it in his arms. The cat’s eyes are looking upward. We can only imagine it was plotting its escape.
Full Of Cookies
Santa is known for his love of cookies. After looking at this photo, we think this cat may have joined him for one or two!
Ugly Sweater Contest
Little does this cat know, it just won an Ugly Sweater Contest. Santa has cued in, however!
Get Me Out Of Here
With a droopy face and even droopier limbs, it’s obvious that this cat wants nothing to do with Santa Claus.
Unsuspecting Victim
This poor kitten though he was part of a holiday maternity shoot. Little does it know that Santa is sneaking up from behind!
Do You Have Any Photos Of Your Cat With Santa?
If you own a cat, feel free to share your funny Santa photos with us! Does your cat love the holiday season? Or does he or she despise Christmas time and everything it stands for? Leave your pictures and comments below. We look forward to seeing your hilarious photos soon.