15 Must See Christmas Trees From Around The World

1. Milan, Italy

(Source: Tour Italy) This incredible tree by the jeweler Tiffany’s makes for a breathtaking sight with the majestic backdrop of the lights of Duomo di Milano. With 100,000 white Christmas tree lights, this impressive 48 meter high tree is nearly as tall as the spires of the Cathedral.

2. Rome, Italy

(Source: Shutterstock, Bucchi Francesco) Rome, the precious of the Christianity, boasts a Christmas tree as magnanimous and bright as the Colosseum it stands next to every year.

3. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

(Source: Shutterstock, Donatas Dabravolskas) You are looking at the world’s largest floating Christmas tree! It sits in the middle of the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon in Rio de Janeiro. Although this tree is not technically a tree, it is made of metal and lights allowing the floating structure to reach a towering height of 280 feet tall and weighing in at over 542 tons. Every night during the holiday season, it illuminates over 3.1 million lights. And on Christmas Eve, there is a special fireworks show surrounding the tree, making for an extra spectacular sight on the most important night of the holiday season.

4. Orchard Road, Singapore

(Source: Shutterstock, Tristan Tan) At the center of Singapore’s glitzy shopping district Orchard Road during Christmas time, you will find an equally glamorous Christmas tree with millions of sparkling lights that make you feel like you walked into a magical winter wonderland

5. Frankfurt, Germany

(Source: Shutterstock, S. Borisov) The Christmas tree in Römerberg, the oldest part of Frankfurt, is the center of the city’s Christmas festivities. The giant tree sets the stage for the magical Christmas market that turns the quaint plaza into a picture perfect Christmas dream.  

6. Washington, D.C. USA

(Source: Natures Packing) The classic elegance of the National Christmas tree, all covered in white and yellow lights, orbs, and stars, is a beautiful sight against the backdrop of the White House.

7. Moscow, Russia

(Source: Shutterstock, Volkova Natalia) Perfectly poised in the shopping district of Moscow, Manezh square, this 55-foot Christmas tree stands out as much as the impressive structures found throughout the capital. The Russian Christmas follows the old Julian calendar, landing the holiday on January 7th.

8. Prague, Czech Republic

(Source: Shutterstock, Vladimir Muller) This dazzling Christmas tree matches the old world holiday charm of Prague’s Old Town square. The massive tree come from ancient forests north of the city and its giant ornaments reflect beloved traditions passed down throughout the ages.  

9. Brussels, Belgium

(Source: Getty, Mark Renders, Stringer) The impressive Brussels Grande Place, becomes even more astounding during the holidays with the presence of an enormous tree from Belgium’s section of the Ardennes forest. The tree sits in the central square of Brussels, in front of the bright, golden facade of the Grande Place, making it the center of Belgium’s Christmas festivities.

10. Mexico City, Mexico

(Source: Shutterstock, Byelikova Oksana) Although Mexico doesn’t have large forests with ancient pines to provide a national Christmas tree, they still find a way to display an impressive tree that is colorful and bright. Quintessentially Mexican, this tree covered in bright ornaments in front of Mexico’s City’s Plaza de la Constitucion is true to their holiday customs and traditions.  

11. Budapest, Hungary

(Source: Shutterstock, GTS Productions) Over 700,000 visitors annually flock to see this fairytale Christmas tree in front of St. Steven’s Basilica in Budapest. It sparkles regally above the tents of the city’s famous Christmas market.

12. Strasbourg, France

(Source: Shutterstock, Leonid Andronov) (Source: Wikipedia) This brilliantly imposing Christmas tree sits in the middle of Place Kléber, the site of Strasbourg’s Christkindelsmärik since 1570. As one of the oldest Christmas markets in the world, the warmth of the lights of this remarkable tree matches the joyous experience of taking in centuries of past Christmases, while meandering through rows of ornament vendors and sweet bread stands.

13. Granada, Nicaragua

(Source: Shutterstock, Charles Taylor) This impressive Christmas tree is the centerpiece of Granada’s main square. Hundreds of people congregate around this tree for the anticipated annual holiday celebrations on Christmas Eve that include fantastic fireworks displays, traditional music, and all night dancing.

14. Paris, France

(Source: Pintrest, Monica Billingsley) Every Christmas, under the glass dome of the Galaries Lafayette department store in Paris, you will find a Christmas tree that parallels no other in opulence and glamour. Each year’s theme turns sparkling tree lights and ornaments into a perfectly sculpted work of art. Or better yet, a truly elegant fashion piece that holds true to Paris’ world renowned reputation.

15. New York City, USA

(Source: Shutterstock, Andrew F. Kazmierski) This iconic tree is probably one of the most visited Christmas trees in the world. Located above the skating rink at Rockefeller Center, each year the Rockefeller Christmas tree is decked out with over 50,000 LED multicolored Christmas lights. The tree has been known to be upwards of around 94 feet and is typically brought in from the forests of New England. The Rockefeller Christmas tree is a New York City tradition that really makes the city come alive this time of year.