4 Best Elf On The Shelf Alternatives

Elf on the Shelf is a holiday tradition that has been around for years. Over the past few years, it’s popularity boomed, making it more recognizable than ever. Because Elf on the Shelf has become so mainstream, you may find yourself wanting to look for an alternative this year. Feel free to consider the list of the best Elf on the Shelf alternatives found below, which could bring joy and a new tradition to your home this holiday season.
A Book A Day
Instead of having your children believe that Santa is watching them and that they must behave, you could take a more proactive approach and try to instill good in them. One of the best ways to do this is by reading a “Book a Day.” This concept is similar to an Advent calendar.
You can purchase or download 25 books that are centered around Jesus and meant for children. Each night, beginning on December 1 and continuing until Christmas Day, you can read one of these books to remind you and your family of what Jesus sacrificed.
Christmas Service Star
Another excellent way to get into the holiday spirit is through the use of the Christmas Service Star. Begin by finding or making a star that will represent “service.” Then, find a way to deliver the star to someone in their home anonymously. They are tasked with performing a service, anonymously, within 24 hours of receiving the star.
This not does have to be an over-the-top gesture. Instead, it could be something as simple as emptying the dishwasher or folding laundry. After a member of your family completes the task, he or she can pass the star to another family member. You can continue to move the star until Christmas Day. The Christmas Service Star teaches your children about responsibility, kindness, and giving to others.
Secret Santa
Provide a Christmas to someone who is less fortunate by starting a Secret Santa within your household. Convince your children that in the spirit of Christmas, they should sacrifice one of their presents this year and instead give it to someone who is in need. Once everyone agrees, you can spend the day shopping in local stores for the items that you’ll purchase for others.
When you get home, you can fill a box with the gifts you’ve selected and wrap them as a family. Then, travel to surprise a family in need. Remember that the present is to remain anonymous. Perhaps you can watch as the family opens the door and smiles come across their faces. This should instill a sense of charity and giving in your family.
Kindness Elves
These elves are most similar to Elf on the Shelf, but they encourage positive acts instead of negative ones. Your Kindness Elves can place things such as handwritten notes each day, praising your children for their random acts of kindness. The letters could also provide ways in which your family members could become better people and make more of a positive impact in their school or community.