5 Awesome Christmas Ornaments and Crafts to Make with the Kids

It’s challenging to come up with Christmas ornaments and gifts that are both unique and meaningful, year after year. Well, we’re here you help you out in that department. Check out the great idea below that are easy to make and will make Christmas a little extra special for you and your loved ones.

Vintage Photo Gift Tags from a Paper Bag!

Using nothing more than a paper bag, and some of pictures from your own digital family album, and a free online photo editor that’s easy for anyone to use, you can create your own vintage picture name tags. Check out the full tutorial at

15-min Christmas Stocking

Christmas stockings can be a bit time consuming to put together. If you’re in a hurry, but still want to have an adorable Christmas stocking, we recommend this great 15-min stocking idea from Get the full tutorial here.

Wood Snowflake Ornaments

Twelve days, and twelve homemade ornaments, starting with fun wood snowflake ornaments. All you need an an assortment of wood pieces that you can get from any craft store, thick glue, or a hot glue gun, and some string or wire to hang the ornaments. Use your creativity and have fun with these snowflakes. There are some great pictured example to get your creative juices flowing. This full twelve day ornament advent calendar has a lot of fun ornaments. You can make all twelve, or just pick and choose your favorites. Another fun one is the from day 4 of the ornament advent calendar, which is Frosty’s Top Hat. Super cute, and a lot of fun. Full instruction can be found at

Recycled Christmas Cards Photo Ornament

Do you have a drawer, or a box somewhere full of the annual Christmas cards you receive from kids, family, and friends? And you keep them thinking that you’ll take them out again, maybe make a scrapbook from them, or do something to make sure you can continue to enjoy the sweet family pictures in them, or the beautiful decorative designs. But still, they continue to sit, because you’ve never pulled them out to do that project. Well, here’s a great way to both recycle those sentimental Christmas cards, as well as enjoy them year after year. Make your own Christmas card photo ornaments! See the full tutorial at Decorative Angel Wings
You won’t believe what these beautiful and elegant angel wings decoration are made from. Are you ready for this…are you sure? Okay…paper plates! Hard to believe, right?! Well, believe it. Don’t let the size in the picture intimidate you. You can make angel wings as big or as small as you wish. See the full tutorial at  

Outdoor Nativity Scene

Have you ever thought about adding an outdoor nativity scene to your yard decorations? An outdoor nativity scene shares the true meaning and spirit of Christmas with family, friends, and even whole communities. If you’ve been thinking of getting your own nativity set to enhance your expression of Christmas spirit, MyNativity provides the highest quality outdoor nativity scene in four different sizes to fit any budget, and any yard size, (small, medium, large, and life size.) Our outdoor nativity sets are made of military grade pvc, last for years and years against winter weather, and are incredibly easy to store to enjoy for a lifetime.