5 Fun Christmas Decoration Ideas to do With the Kids

A big part of the Christmas spirit is in the quality time we spend together with our family and loved ones. Making Christmas decorations with the kids can be one of those activities, can be a lot of fun, and can create wonderful childhood memories. Additionally, making decorations with the kids can save some of the cost associated with decorating for the holidays. There are many different types of decorations that you can easily make.

One fun Christmas craft activity that your children might enjoy is making their own Christmas tree decorations. This is an excellent project for kids of all ages. Older siblings can even have fun showing their younger brother or sister how to make their first decoration.  

Paper ornaments


Paper ornaments are always fun, easy, and low cost to make. All you need is some colorful craft paper, cut it into circle shapes, and a bunch of little squares and triangle shapes, apply glitter, bows, ribbon, gluing the little cutout pieces to the larger ornament sized circle  


Making a Santa Hat


Another simple and fun decoration is making a cute little santa hat. Get some red colored craft paper and simply cut a semi-circle for the cap. You'll need black craft paper for Santa's belt, yellow for his belt buckle, and cream colored for his face. You can then hand draw eye, nose, and mouth and use cotton balls (pulling the cotton apart to fray it,) to make Santa's beard and the tip of the cap.  


Christmas Message or Scenes

 Another popular decoration you see around the holidays is to have small Christmas signs or images here or there throughout the house with a Christmas message, or a Christmas scene to help fill the home with the Christmas spirit. Your kids could easily make their own paintings or illustration of a favorite Christmas story or even of the nativity using supplies that you likely already have in the home.  


Hand Cutout Wreath

Kids always have fun tracing their hand, and it makes them feel like the ornament they are making truly reflects a part of them in a fun and creative way. You'll likely hear them telling guests excitedly that the reach is made from tracing their hand. You'll need two shades of green craft paper for this one, and red for berry accents, some ribbon, and glue to pull it all together.  

Christmas Dinning Room Centerpiece


Making a dinning room table center piece is another fun idea that your children might enjoy, using things like pinecones, white, silver, and gold paint, and of course glitter. Once you paint and decorate your pine cones, you can place them inside a glass vase, or a wooden bowl. A nice touch is to also ad some red or white candle on the sides. These are just a handfull of dozens and dozens of fun Christmas craft ideas you can do with your kids. Regardless of which ones you choose to do, you and your children can make memories that last a lifetime. For a child, there is nothing like seeing their Christmas illustrations hanging on the walls or the ornaments they made hanging on the Christmas tree.  

Here are ten more fun and easy Christmas decorations you can condiser doing with the kids.