5 Ways to Get Into the Christmas Spirit All Year Long

Christmas is a delightful time of year that makes you feel more kind, compassionate and loving. During the season, our hearts fill with love, hope and the power to do good in the world. How can we keep that feeling going after December and make last the entire year?

The kind, compassionate magic of Christmas doesn’t have to end - here are some ways to keep the spirit alive and keep it around for the rest of the year.

1. Spend Time with Those You Love

During the Christmas season it is traditional to spend time with family and friends - and this is a very good thing. Most of us lead busy lives and we don’t take enough quality time with our loved ones. Why not make an effort to get together with the people you care about more often throughout the year? You can arrange regular visits and get togethers so that Christmas isn’t the only time you get a chance to catch up.


2. Create Something

Do you find that during the Christmas season you are more likely to create than at other times of the year? Whether it is decorating a tree, cooking a beautiful dinner or making a homemade gift - we often take the time to use our creativity in a way that we don’t always do during the rest of the year. Think about how you can bring this spirit of making beautiful and useful things into your life during the other seasons - it will be inspiring, fulfilling and good for your brain.


3. Decorate Your Home

At Christmastime we spend a lot of time cleaning and decorating our homes to make them look and feel special. Think about how you can do this for each season throughout the year, so that your home always has that special sparkle that makes it feel welcoming.


4. Give Spontaneously

Christmas is a time to give thoughtful and meaningful gifts to light up the lives of the people you care about. However, you don’t have to only do this at Christmas. Throughout the year, have your eye out for anything that you think your loved ones would enjoy. If you see something, like a book or a film or a piece of clothing, that you think someone you know would just love - give it to them. They will love the spontaneous surprise and the kindness and generosity of the gesture.


5. Be Grateful

At Christmastime we take a moment to be thankful for all of the blessings in our lives - but this is something that we should be doing throughout the year. Taking a moment to pray and thank God for all of the positives is something important you should do every day - not just during the holiday season.

How do you carry on the Christmas spirit throughout the year? Let us know in the comments!