7 Great Christmas Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Everyone loves a beautifully wrapped present. Regardless of what is in side, a well wrapped present sends a message of its own. That the recipient is loved so much that extra time and effort was taken to make their gift-wrapping stand out. You can't help but feel special. Well the good news is, it doesn't always have to take a lot of time to create an amazing gift-wrapping presentaion. Check out some of our favorites from around the web!

Artistic Gift-Wrapping


Printmaker and graphic designer, Adrienne Wong, does beautiful work. You can create wrapping inspired by Adrienne with a box of crayons and by channeling your inner grade-school experiences. For this design you sandwich shaving of crayons of your choosing between 6 sheets of tissue paper and then simply iron them together, melting the crayon shavings. Now you have your artisan wrapping paper ready to go. Then Adrienne uses a satin ribbon and tissue dahlias for the finishing touch.

Musical Gift-Wrapping Source:

Have a musical person in your life who would appreciate a musical touch to their gift-wrapping? This simple, yet great idea comes from Karen Bartolomei. Simply copy and enlarge sheet music on a copier, (a Fedex Office staff member would be happy to help you do this,) and then use thicker paper to print it on. Wrap your gift box, and put the finishing touches with a satin bow and, of course, jingle bells.

Map Gift-Wrapping


For that extensive travelor in your life, or for that dreamer would love to travel the world, here's a fun map gift-wrapping idea. You can often pick up free maps at places like truck stops, hotels, or even just buy them cheaply at a drug store. Generally, the size of a map is also perfect for gift-wrapping. Instead of using a regular bow, use thin red cord (available at local craft stores,) and criss-cross through a green button, tying a knot.

Deer Silhouettes on Butcher Paper


There's something nastalgic about this gift-wrapping idea. Butcher paper is perfect for a silhouette design. Just trace any of your favorit deer silhouettes onto newspaper, or even a brown paper bag. Glue or tape them on, and use twine from any craft store for the ribon and bow.

Personalized Ball Ornament Gift-Wrapping


How fun would it be to give a gift wrapped with their own personalized ball ornament as a part of the gift bow. This an easy gift-wrapping job that is also classy. Full instructions can be fount at

Interactive Gift Wrap


Make opening the present almost as fun as what's inside. These cute and clever gift wrapping ideas from will be sure fire wins with the kids. Turn a gift into a canvas, or into a mini Christmas tree that needs decorating, or a fun roadway for a hotwheels car. I'm sure this will spawn other similar fun ideas you may come up with on your own. See the full tutorial at LineACross. Craft Paper and Boxwood Wreath Gift Wrap Source:

This is actually my favorite on our list! It is reflects the simple beauty of Christmas using nothing but craft paper, a wreath, twine, and burlap ribbon, all of which you can get at any local craft store. See the full tutorial at Craftberry Bush.