A Buffalo Plaid Christmas: Five Craft Ideas

If you are looking for ways to decorate your home, or a fun craft idea to do with your family over a holiday weekend, then you’ll want to consider buffalo plaid. Nothing says winter more than bold plaid patterns. Below, we’ve provided you with five craft ideas that you can use for a buffalo plaid Christmas.
Plaid Ornaments
If you are looking for new ornaments to place on your tree or a creative gift for friends and family, consider making plaid tree ornaments. You can do this two ways. The first involves purchasing pre-made decorations that have a glass window where you can insert a picture. However, instead of adding a picture, you can remove the back of the ornament and place buffalo plaid fabric instead. This is a simple gift idea that makes for a nice holiday touch.
The other way would be to create an ornament. Purchase wood so that you could make a small picture frame that would act as an ornament. Wrap the wood in buffalo plaid and secure the fabric. Then, glue the pieces together in the shape of a frame and put your favorite photo inside.
Plaid & Tartan Christmas Tree
If you don’t consider yourself the most hands-on or arts-oriented person but are still looking to incorporate plaid into your holiday decorations, then this is the ideal option for you. For this project, you’ll want to head to your local craft store to secure rolls of plaid fabric. Then, just as you would wrap lights around your tree, you should place the plaid fabric all through the tree.
If you have fabric leftover, feel free to use it as ribbon when wrapping gifts. This will add a nice touch, as the presents under your tree will match the ribbon on your tree. Feel free to purchase more than one type of plaid, so long as the colors do not clash. Furthermore, a plaid blanket or throw always serves as a beautiful accent piece. If it matches the ribbon that you purchase, it could bring your holiday décor together nicely.
Buffalo Plaid Wreath
Another option you have is to create a wreath with buffalo plaid. Instead of purchasing an expensive wreath at a craft store, buy an undecorated wreath. Then, tie buffalo plaid into a bow and place it in the center of the wreath. Add festive touches like cranberry twigs for an easy craft idea.
Table Runner
If you can sew, then this could be an excellent holiday craft for you. You’ll want to purchase buffalo plaid. Measure the length of your table. Be sure to add a bit of excess fabric on the end if you would like your table runner to hang over. Then, double the material so that you can stitch it together for a durable cloth.
Candle Holders
Lastly, another excellent craft idea is to create candle holders. You can purchase wicker or another sturdy material and create cylinders to hold your candles. Then, wrap the wicker in plaid for a simple and festive decoration.