Adorable Nativity Scene With A Puppy In A Manager Recreated By Dog Groomer

Around Christmas time, one of the most famous sights is a nativity scene. Most of these scenes feature figurines arranged to depict the birth of Jesus Christ. Sometimes, schools or churches may recreate nativity scenes with young children serving as the actors. However, a dog groomer in the UK decided to create a unique nativity scene last year that was different than every other nativity scene that came prior.  

   A Nativity Scene With Dogs Wags to Riches Pet Services is a dog groomer located in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire. Although they are located thousands of miles away from the mainland US, they quickly went viral and gained notoriety here after they created a nativity scene with dogs. The groomer borrowed a few of the dogs who had been sent there for grooming and draped them in towels to resemble the clothes typically seen in a nativity scene. The groomer first began posting photos of dog-based nativity scenes in 2016. The first year, they only used four dogs. They positioned the dogs around a basket filled with hay and a stuffed teddy bear, acting as baby Jesus. They propped up a cane in the background, which served as another prop.  

  In 2017, the groomer upgraded its dog photo. That year, it used six dogs instead of four. They also spread hay across the floor, which helped make the display look even more like a nativity scene. They also hung a bright star on the wall, which resembled the Star of Bethlehem. The kicker that year was that they replaced the stuffed teddy with a young puppy. When full-grown dogs surrounded the puppy, it indeed helped to set the scene! According to the groomer’s owners, the puppy was a figurine, but when viewing the picture online, we could hardly tell the difference. The store's owners, Toby and Jo, said, “They were all happy to sit for the photo. It’s amazing what dogs will do for a biscuit.” The 2017 photo had been liked in social media more than 1,600 times. It has also been shared more than 7,700 times. We sincerely hope that Wags to Riches plans to recreate their canine nativity scene in the coming years!  

   Coming Up With A Creative Nativity Scene Perhaps this year, Wags to Riches could serve as an inspiration for a creative outdoor nativity scene design. Outdoor nativity scenes are often based in deep traditions, which is why many home and business owners prefer to stick with what they know. However, the Christmas season is one for celebrating, which is why we think it would be exciting to liven up your outdoor nativity scene this year. Consider some of these other creative options that we’ve seen in the recent past.

  • Action Hero Nativity Scene – Take your child’s favorite action heroes and figurines and arrange them into an outdoor nativity scene. One scene that we saw had Star Wars Storm Troopers as the Three Wise Men!
  • A Nativity Scene from Cheese – This nativity scene owner carved a rather complicated scene into a wheel of cheese.
  • The Potato Scene – This nativity scene was made tactfully organized spuds.