Getting your home decorated and ready for Christmas is an exciting time. Once the tree is up, and your home is embellished with sparkling festive fun, the feeling of Christmas becomes even more magical for the whole family.

But when you’re using the same red, gold and green theme every year, you may find decorating a little predictable. If you’re looking for something new to try this year, why not check out these cool combinations?


Rose gold and white.

Rosewhite Gold Nativity

Instead of the classic yellow and white gold tones, why not consider rose? This pink-hued copper shade is a growing trend in everything from fashion to technology – so there’s no reason not to bring its warming glow to your home too.

As for what complements it, white is perfectly versatile as well as representing snowfall. What a perfect combination for the festive season!

Together, they will put a beautiful yet modern spin on the original classic metallics.


Teal, purple and silver.

Silver is another great metallic shade, especially when it is reminiscent of icicles, glittering snow and even the stars.

But what to combine it with? Teal is often used for decorations, especially as its cool, blue tones are linked to an overall wintery theme. Purple, on the other hand, adds some warmth to the mix, as well as colour, coming together as a surprisingly complementary combination.

For even more of a sparkly, festive effect, choose metallic baubles, tinsel and decorations that will reflect the warm, welcoming light of your home.


Pastel rainbow.

Rainbow Colors Nativity Set

Many people choose bright, vibrant colours for their decorations, but why not opt for pastels? Lighter, pale colours of your favourite shades will look almost frosty – perfect for the season. Try blue, pink and mint green combined with a few Christmas classics in silver and gold.

These will of course work beautifully on a green tree, but why not try a snowy white one (or at least paired with fresh white tinsel)  to make them stand out?


Black and… just about anything!

Black goes with everything in your wardrobe, so there’s no reason it can’t do the same for your decorations!

Although very untraditional, more and more retailers are spotting the trend and offering black artificial Christmas trees, black tinsel and black tree ornaments.

The best part of using a dark base colour is that anything you add to it will stand out brighter than ever. Think how bold; colourful tree decorations will look, or how glittering gold and silver could be reminiscent of a dark yet starry night sky.

 Whether you go with one of these fun new looks or stick with the original classics when decorating your home this year, we’re sure your home will look beautiful for the holidays.


Regardless of which theme you pick, there’s always a way to incorporate the Nativity! A meaningful staple of any Christmas decor, a Nativity set from is suitable for any home – no matter which colour or style you’ve chosen.

Colorful Nativity Scene

Take a look at the variety we have on offer and order soon to ensure it’s ready to include in your décor as you celebrate the true spirit of Christmas.