Christmas Traditions for Your Teenage Kids

The teenage years are always an awkward age. Your kids are not yet old enough to move out on their own, but they are old enough to have their own strong and independent personality and to crave independence. When your children reach this age, Christmas traditions might change. They are too old to go see Santa at the mall and they probably don’t want to curl on your lap as you read them Christmas stories. What you did with them when they were 8 will not appeal to them when they are 14. They might even roll their eyes and think Christmastime activities are cheesy - preferring to hang out with their friends. Plus, their schedule might be busy with exams, extracurricular activities and other commitments. However, if you propose the right activities and present them the right way, you might be able to get your teenager in the spirit of Christmas after all. Family traditions can give an important sense of belonging and connection and a sense of security, especially during the tumultuous years of teenagehood. Here are some ideas for Christmas activities that teens are likely to love.
  • Invite your teen’s friends over to watch a movie and set up a “Hot Chocolate Bar.” You can offer different hot chocolate mixes, marshmallows, candy canes, sprinkles, whipped cream and other treats to make the best hot chocolate.
  • Invite your teen to help you decorate the house and give them full creative freedom - including choosing the music.
  • Let your teen research a Christmas craft that they want to make and then get the materials and make it together.
  • Go ice skating at your local rink.
  • Bundle up warm and go for a family hike somewhere beautiful.
  • Host a cookie baking party for your teen and a few of their friends. Opt for a recipe that involves decorating the cookies so that they can get creative with icing and sprinkles. You can make extra cookies so that you can deliver them to your neighbours.
  • Encourage your teen to go with you to volunteer somewhere, such as at a soup kitchen or a home for the elderly. This can bring your family closer together while making a difference.
  • Go through their wardrobe with them and donate any old clothes that don’t fit them anymore or that they don’t wear. After all, fashions change quickly and teens grow even faster. The clothing can go to someone in need who will really appreciate it.
  • Go for a drive to look at the Christmas lights. You can even turn it into a scavenger hunt with a checklist of different types of lights and decorations to find - such as a light show set to music or an inflatable snowman.
  • Check out a cool local outdoor Christmas market with your teen and soak up the atmosphere of bustling shop stalls and live music. You can even treat yourselves to some hot chocolate or a dessert.
  • Attend a Christmas concert or a play with your teen. Check to see what performances are happening in your local area.
  • Don’t forget about the true meaning of Christmas. Start a tradition with your teen that honours your faith, such as reading a story from the Bible or talking to them about their beliefs.
What Christmas traditions do you have with your teens?