Christmas Traditions Of The Stars

Across the country, everyone has unique Christmas traditions. It’s incredible to see how traditions can vary from family to family. Believe it or not, your favorite celebrities have traditions just like we do, passed down from generation to generation. If you’ve ever found yourself curious about how stars celebrate the holidays, you’re in luck. Numerous celebrities have recently spoken out about their favorite Christmas traditions.
Mariah Carey
Perhaps one of the most recognizable celebrity names during the holidays, Mariah Carey and her family celebrate Christmas a bit earlier than others. They choose to recognize December 23 as Christmas Day. This could partially be because Carey is always performing on Christmas Day in a parade! Carey has said that her family travels to Aspen, Colorado, where they take a sleigh ride, drawn by horses. She said the sleigh rides are typically filled with hot cocoa and laughter.
Michelle Obama
Even when the Obamas were busy in the White House, they still found ways to celebrate Christmas. First Lady Michelle Obama said that their family hosts two receptions a day between December 1 and December 21. She noted that the receptions typically feature standard holiday fare, such as:
  • Hor D’oeuvres
  • Cookies
  • Eggnog
The then First Lady said that while her family was in the White House, they made it a point to decorate the Blue Room Christmas tree together. She said her family enjoyed doing this because it was the largest tree in the White House. There was always a fireplace near the tree, which made decorating it fun and cozy.
Michelle Obama has also spoken about one of her favorite traditions growing up. Her extended family could not afford to buy gifts for everyone, so each member contributed something small to a gift basket. To receive a gift from the basket, Obama was required to perform in some way, such as singing, dancing, or telling a joke. It ended up creating laughs for all.
Gwyneth Paltrow
Many Americans cook a large meal on Christmas day, and actress Gwyneth Paltrow is no different. She said that she tries to prepare much of her food before Christmas Day, but ends up spending most of her Christmas morning in the kitchen. Paltrow says that turkey is the typical holiday meal for her family. She has also said that she appreciates the more traditional aspects of Christmas, such as placing stockings at the end of each child’s bed.
The Jonas Brothers
Speaking of eating food on Christmas, the Jonas brothers are a bit different than most. They have said that each Christmas morning, they wake up and eat tamales. The brothers have said that this tradition is unique to them because even though they gained stardom, the three of them have done it every year since they were young.
Michael Bublé
When he’s not singing Christmas carols, Michael Bublé has made it a point to create a magical day for his family. Bublé said that his parents were also passionate about Christmas and that his goal is to pass down many of his family’s traditions to his son Noah. From extensive decorations to delicious treats, Bublé mentioned that he wanted to create an “exciting and fun” experience for his family.