Clever Ornament Storage Ideas You Will Want To Try!

There is so much to think about and manage during the holiday season that it's easy to become overwhelmed and overlook various things. And one thing that is often an afterthought is what to do with the ornaments once the holiday is over. After all, we all have those favorite ornaments and household decorations that we want to cherish forever - but just tossing them into a bag or box can be a mess and lead to broken ornaments and tangled lights.

Luckily, there are options. If you're looking for a better way to store your ornaments, look no further than the following great, clever options.

  • Transform String Lights - If you have some of the low-profile string lights that have become so popular, just turn them into a lamp. A coiled set of lights under a terrarium or glass top can look stunning no matter the time of year, and be ready to go next Christmas.
  • Create A Storage Unit - This is easy and a lifesaver. Find a Tupperware storage tub that you want to use, and cut a piece of cardboard that fits the bottom. Then, glue as many plastic Solo cups to the cardboard to create individual storage bins. If your Tupperware is deep enough you can usually create two of these and stack them. The cups will keep your ornaments safe and organized until next year.
  • Utilize Coat Hangers - Have tons of tissue paper left over? Why not drape it over a few clothes hangers and put them in a closet. You don't have any risk of the paper becoming ruined, and it's then easy to find the right color whether it's Christmas or a birthday you need it for.
  • Use A Wine Box - Wine boxes already have dividers pre-placed inside them. Use that to your advantage, and toss your decorations right into the divided sections. It's a pre-made option that is easy to overlook but highly effective.
  • Wrap Your Lights - Take the cardboard boxes that all those Christmas presents were in and recycle them! Just cut a notch into opposite ends of the cardboard and wrap your lights around them. You can then stack your lights in a storage bin or box and never have to worry about them becoming tangled up again.
  • The Holiday Garment Bag - Finally, if you have plenty of wrapping paper left over, just store it all in a large garment bag and hang in the closet. You escape from the paper clutter and ensure that your wrapping paper is safe and protected until you need it again.

These simple tips can help you eliminate clutter, hassle, and stress during the holiday season and throughout the year as you wait for next Christmas. Keep them in mind and use your own creativity. I'm sure you'll find plenty of great ways to store all of your ornaments, lights, and other accessories until next year. It's easier than you think and will keep your items safe and easy to find.