DIY Decorations: Make Your Home Sparkle For Christmas With Your Own Handmade Crafts

Decorating your home for Christmas is an essential and exciting part of the festive season, but what do your decorations mean to you?

While mass produced, store bought ornaments and decorative pieces are affordable, beautiful and fun, it’s also important to have a piece or two that means a little more.

This could be something that’s been passed down, Christmas after Christmas, or perhaps something your kids made as part of a Christmas art project.

But why stop there? Make your home sparkle for Christmas with your own handmade crafts. Here are just a few to test out!  

Create your own tree decorations. This could be as easy or elaborate as you wish, depending on your skill level! For those entirely new to crafting, this may be as simple as cutting a piece of cardboard into a festive shape – perhaps a Christmas tree, star or snowflake. Once you have the shape in place, you can let your imagination run wild. You could:

  • Cover up the plain card with non-toxic paint, giving you a colourful base to decorate. Then, add on gems, sequins or anything else you, please!
  • Cover the shape in glue before dipping it in glitter. The result will be a super sparkly, light reflecting, festive piece!
  • Wrap the shape in Christmas themed wrapping paper for a straightforward and crafty look.

Spruce up a simple garland. Green garlands and wreaths are a staple of Christmas decor, but that does not mean yours should be the same as everyone else’s. Instead of choosing a pre-made design, buy a plain green garland with no additional decor. You’ll then be able to embellish it in your own way! Add tinsel, beads, artificial berries, faux snow, or even glue in some small baubles. The final piece will be completely your own and reflect the way you have chosen to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.  

Make your own Christmas stockings. Sure, you could buy a stocking, but that’s not as fun – or personal. Repurpose an old sweater or duvet cover (bonus points if it has a festive or wintery design) and look for some beginner tutorials online. As a stocking is a relatively simple shape, it should be easy to piece together a meaningful sack to store your family’s gifts on Christmas morning.  

Decorate an existing item. If you have (or are considering purchasing) a decorative item that’s relatively plain, it’s easy to make it your own. As another example, consider our Small Nativity Set – suitable for inside the home. While it’s perfect on its own, you are of course welcome to add tinsel, decorations, glitter, paint or anything else you decide to use to get creative. If you’re not confident about making your own decorative ornaments from scratch, customizing an existing one could be the perfect compromise.   However you decide to add your own touch to your Christmas decor, you’re bound to enjoy having a piece or two that means that little bit more!