Festive White Elephant Party Ideas

Each year, many families and companies host holiday parties. These are festive occasions often marked by things such as Santa Claus costumes and hot chocolate. One of the traditions that tend to symbolize a Christmas party is a white elephant gift exchange.
Below, we’ve provided a few ideas for a festive white elephant party. No matter if you’re hosting your first white elephant party or are looking to spruce up your existing event, you should find these tips beneficial.
Understand The Rules
A white elephant gift exchange can be the most memorable part of your holiday party, but only if you execute it properly. You should pay careful attention to the rules of the game so that it runs smoothly. To begin, inform your guests of your intention to host a white elephant exchange and set a price limit for the gifts. Instruct your guests to bring a wrapped gift, and encourage them to use holiday-themed wrapping paper.
You should also inform your guests that they should not label the gift in any way. It should remain entirely anonymous. Once all guests have arrived with their contributions, have each one of them draw a piece of paper with a number on it. There should be one piece of paper for each guest. Once everyone has selected a number, you can begin drawing for gifts. The person with the “Number 1” piece of paper chooses first and opens the gift.
The next person then has the option to steal a gift or open a new present. If someone’s present is taken, they then can open a new gift. To make the game more exciting, a gift should not be allowed to be stolen in back-to-back turns. Continue playing the game until all guests have a gift. When it’s all over, the person with the “Number 1” has the final option to steal one last gift. Once complete, everyone can enjoy their new present!
Encourage People To Make A Gift
One of the best ways to add excitement to the game is by encouraging people to make a gift. This is more exciting because it prevents people from running to the store at the 11th hour and purchasing a gift for the event. By having to handmake a gift, your guests will have to put time and effort into the event.
Don’t Buy Gifts At All
Another interesting idea for white elephant parties is not to purchase gifts at all. Instead of buying gifts, consider requiring your guests to bring something from their home. This could be something that they had thought about giving away. Not only will this save your guests money, but we’re also willing to bet that your guests will find humor in it as well.
Set A Theme For The Gifts
One last exciting option you have is to set a theme for the gifts. For instance, consider asking your guests only to bring books, movies, or Christmas ornaments. By requiring a theme, you’ll have some consistency in your gifts. This can also help ensure that everyone stays within their requested range of price.