Four-Year-Old Claire Ryann Signing Silent Night Leaves Everyone In Tears

Come the holiday season, one of the most memorable moments is listening to choirs sing various hymns. Now, thanks to music-streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube, it’s easier than ever to gain access to your favorite Christmas songs. One person who has gained internet fame as of late is four-year-old Claire Ryann, thanks to her renditions of holiday classics.

Silent Night

During the 2016 holiday season, four-year-old Claire Ryann became an internet sensation thanks to her rendition of “Silent Night.” To date, the video has more than five million views on YouTube, likely touching hearts and causing tears in many viewers. The young girl has a fantastic voice. Her dad, who uploaded the video to YouTube, provided excellent camerawork, as he not only filmed Claire singing but also inserted clips of Jesus and Mary as well.

When he uploaded the video, Claire’s dad included a note that said, “We hope that wherever you are and whatever your troubles might be, that you can stop for just a few minutes and feel the peace the Savior brings. We are so grateful for Him and for this season. Merry Christmas!”

As you begin to get into the holiday spirit this year, we recommend checking out Claire’s YouTube channel to help remember the true meaning of the season. We can only hope that Claire blesses us with another rendition of a holiday classic this Christmas as well!


The Meanings of Christmas Songs

As Claire’s dad mentioned in his note, Christmas songs are often about much more than singing about how Santa Claus is coming to town. Instead, they can have a deeper meaning that reminds us of the traits we should all exhibit during the holiday season, such as compassion and kindness.

For example, it’s believed that “White Christmas,” which contains a mere 54 words, is about a young immigrant who is missing his family during the holiday season. Producers first broadcast the song over the radio a few days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It touched a chord with soldiers, especially those who were homesick.

Another example is “The 12 Days of Christmas.” The song seems to be about the gifts of Christmas, but it is actually a code for religious beliefs. When Catholicism was outlawed centuries ago, people needed a way to celebrate the Lord without fear of persecution. They came up with the song as a way to sing in public. The words “True Love” in the song refer to God, while “partridge in a pear tree” is a reference to Jesus dying on the cross.

"Winter Wonderland" is a fun song that many enjoy singing along with during the holidays, but most fail to recognize the dire circumstances under which the song was written. The song’s author, Richard Smith, wrote the song while being treated for tuberculosis in a sanitarium. The widespread belief is Smith wrote the song while looking at snow outdoors, thinking about his happy childhood memories playing in the snow. Remembering this serves an excellent reminder to be humble and gracious for life’s blessings this holiday season.