How To Go Caroling at Christmas

The tradition of caroling at Christmas is a old fashioned yet lovely one. It involves knocking on the doors of friends and neighbours and serenading them with a beautiful Christmas song. It can be a fun way to put smiles on the faces of your neighbours as you treat them to a surprise concert, as well as a great excuse for walking around and enjoying the fresh air. So, how do you put together a group of carolers and enjoy this tradition? Here are some tips for caroling this Christmas:
  • The first step is to gather together a group of friends and family - the more voices the better.
  • Choose the right night - Friday and Saturday is usually good because people will not have to get up for work or school the next day.
  • Practice the songs a few times, so that you can make sure you are all singing together in harmony. You don’t have to be perfect, but you should at least all be on the same verse at the same time!
  • Choose songs that everyone likes and is familiar with. You might want to listen to a recording of the song before you go out, just so everyone remembers the tune when singing it acapella.
  • Decide how many verses of the song you are going to sing. The first verse is usually completed by the time that people get to their door, so you will want to sing 2-3 verses more.
  • Print out the lyrics for people to carry with them, just in case they forget the second verse of Silent Night.
  • Make sure that you bundle up against the cold and have sturdy, comfortable shoes that are suitable for walking around through the snow.
  • If you really want to make the occasion feel special, you can dress up in formal wear or even Victorian costumes for a real nostalgic Christmas feeling.
  • Bring along some water to drink or a thermos of warm tea or apple cider to keep you hydrated.
  • If you will be caroling after dark, bring flashlights to read the lyrics and navigate the dark sidewalks. If you really want to go for an authentic look - you could carry candles.
  • Why not bring along a few instruments, such as bells, cymbals, triangles and anything else you can carry in your hands?
  • The best time to carol is after dinner, so that you don’t interrupt the evening meal. However, don’t do it too late or people will be going to bed.
  • Sometimes when you carol at someone’s house, they will be so thrilled by the idea that they will want to join you. You might find that your caroling party grows throughout the night!
  • At the end of the night, invite all of your carolers and anyone else who joined along the way back to your house for hot drinks and desserts.
  Have you ever been Christmas caroling before? Share your stories with us in the comments.