How to Keep to Under Five Presents for Each Kid and Still Have a Happy Christmas

If you’ve recently run into some financial hardship, you may be facing the realization that you cannot purchase as many gifts for your children as you would like this holiday season. However, there is no need to worry. It’s entirely possible for you to limit yourself to less than five presents per child and still have a merry Christmas. Consider these tips to help ensure your children have a happy Christmas while you’re on a budget.
Utilize The Rule Of Three
One popular method we’ve come across for gift-giving while on a budget is the rule of three. In this case, the “Rule of Three” is symbolic of the fact that Jesus Christ received three gifts upon being born. You can make this story known to your children and explain the significance behind each one of the gifts that you purchase or that Santa Claus delivers. The three gifts represent:
  • “Gold,” or something valuable
  • “Frankincense,” or something spiritual
  • “Myrrh,” or something for the body
The “Gold” gift is typically the most expensive. It is the one gift that you spend the most on and generally is of excellent value. This is likely the gift that your child has clamored for the most. If you are tight on a budget, most of your funds may go toward this one gift.
The “Frankincense” gift is something that will strengthen your child’s bond with God and their journey through life with Jesus. Many parents elect to gift their children something like a quality Bible or a scripture journal. If you don't believe in God or you come from a different faith, try substituting these spiritual gifts for ones that have helped you in your life. For example, if you are Athiest, try giving your child a book about balance and well-being. You may even give them a yoga mat or a meditation app subscription.
Lastly, the “Myrrh” gift is something practical for the body. For many, this means clothing. Perhaps consider purchasing a matching set of pajamas or socks. You could also look into buying things such as cologne, perfume, lotions, robes, and shoes. This could also mean a special piece of jewelry or if you have a little girl, you can get her a bath bomb making kit.
Utilize The Rule Of Four
Another option you have when gifting on a budget is to utilize the “Rule of Four.” Much like how each gift of the “Rule of Three” had a symbolic meaning, so too does each gift in the “Rule of Four.” The four gifts represent:
  • Something your child wants
  • Something your child needs
  • Something your child can read
  • Something your child can wear
Much like the “Gold” gift, the gift that your child wants will likely be where most of your budget goes. This is the gift that is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face on Christmas Day. The present that your child needs is something practical. For instance, does your child need a new baseball glove or set of dance shoes? This is something that they will not only love but will get hours of use out of as well. Books and clothes help round out this gift set.
Do You Have Suggestions?
If you have ever had to shop for Christmas while on a budget, we invite you to leave your feedback in the comment section below. What worked well for you? What didn’t work? How were you able to satisfy your children on Christmas morning? The comments that you leave could help other members of our community provide a meaningful Christmas to their children.