How to Make Elegant Christmas Ornaments From Your Old Christmas Cards

Every year, most of us can expect a few things to happen as the holidays draw close. One perfect example is the influx of Christmas cards that we're likely to receive. But while it's heartwarming to receive those cards and thing of those that we love, what happens after the season is over? It's easy to just throw away the cards, but the fact is that you'll be getting rid of memories while also potentially impacting the environment. Rather than toss out Christmas cards, why not recycle them in inventive ways? In fact, there are more than a few easy ways to let last year's cards become this year's holiday decorations. If you're unsure of just what to do with your cards, it may be worth considering turning them into Christmas ornaments. It's especially worth taking the time to transform cards into ornaments or decorations if they have personalized messages or greetings on them. And, believe it or not, it's actually easier to do than you might think. Here are some tips to help you with the process.

Circle Ornaments

To transform a Christmas card into a circle ornament, you don't have much work ahead of you.
  • Start by cutting out numerous circles from the cards. Be sure to include the main decorative section of the card. The images should be fairly centered in your circles.
  • Now, you can simply run a string through the top of the ornaments and hung on the tree. Or, you can take additional steps to combine four circles together.
  • Take each of the circles and use a simple stitch to sew them together, creating a kind of 'box' that tightens into a circle as you pull the strings taut.

Pyramid Ornaments

You can also use a similar process to create great looking pyramid style ornaments.
  • Cut out 4 triangles from each of the cards that you want to use for your ornament. Again, you can hang these triangular shaped pieces on their own - or use basic crafting steps to create a unique ornament.
  • Lay the triangles against one another to form a larger triangle. Then, stitch each of them together where they join. From there, you just need to fold the cards up into a pyramid shape and continue sewing all of the edges together.

Ornamental Balls

Finally, you can also simply cut out 20 or so circles from the different cards that you want to use. Then, glue them together and create large or small balls from them. It will take a bit of practice, but you'll quickly be able to craft beautiful, unique ornaments that will really stand out and help make the season feel even more special. These are some of the simple steps you can take to recycle your old Christmas cards instead of just letting them sit in drawers or closets - or end up in a landfill. You can always recycle them at a recycling center, but with these custom designs available to you, why not take the extra step and create a unique ornament.