How To Throw A Nutcracker Party That Everyone Will Love

A staple for many during the holiday season is The Nutcracker, a two-act ballet form the late 1800’s. Many people enjoy seeing The Nutcracker every December at their local performing arts center. But, another great way to celebrate the show is by hosting a Nutcracker-themed party. Nutcracker-themed parties are an excellent way for young girls to live out their princess fantasies. The Nutcracker tends to hit a soft spot with young women because, during the ballet, a young girl discovers that her toy nutcracker has turned into the handsome prince of her dreams. With these tips, you can throw a Nutcracker-inspired party that is sure to impress your friends and family and put everyone in the holiday spirit.   Food For Your Party More than anything, you’ll need to have appropriate foods at your Nutcracker-themed party. An excellent option to help get you in The Nutcracker state of mind are Mouse King Marshmallow Pops.   Stick a candy cane stick into the marshmallow. Combine black and white melting chocolate, and then dip marshmallows into the gray mixture. Stick Necco wafers on top of the marshmallow as ears, and then draw a face onto the marshmallow to represent a mouse. See Party Pinching for full recipe.   You can also consider decorating cookies as Nutcrackers. Flat, rectangular gingerbread cookies work best for this. Ingredients that are best suited for decorating include
  • Royal Icing
  • Sugar Pearls
  • Edible Glitter
If you need more help with how to decorate these cookies, Flour Box Bakery's youtube tutorial is the place to get some visual step by step ideas. Another option that does not require as much decorating are cupcake toppers from Meri Meri. The company’s cupcake topper kit comes with 36 cupcake toppers inspired by The Nutcracker. All you need to do is provide the cupcakes, which you can do by baking or purchasing them at your local grocery store.   Decorations For Your Nutcracker Party When hosting a Nutcracker-inspired party, you’ll also want to make sure that your guests immerse themselves in the Nutcracker experience. Set the tone for the day by sending party invitations inspired by the Nutcracker. You can either make these on your own, download templates from Etsy, or purchase them at your local convenience store. When you begin setting up for the party, an excellent and easy way to start is by finding Nutcracker paper goods. You can look online (try Etsy or Amazon) or check out your local store for paper goods that are Nutcracker-themed. You’ll likely be able to find paper plates, cups, and napkins for your party. Another excellent option for your party is to create a tutu table skirt. Tutus are a favorite aspect of The Nutcracker because of the ballerinas in the story. Building a tutu table skirt should not take much time, but can go a long way toward helping you discover the Nutcracker theme for which you’re searching.   Activities For Your Party There are numerous Nutcracker-inspired activities your young guests can do at your party. A simple exercise that is great for the holiday season is constructing gingerbread houses. You can supply the materials or ask your guests to bring their materials. You could also print Nutcracker coloring pages, which could provide hours of entertainment for younger children. There are websites like where you can print free coloring pages.   If your kids are a bit older, consider purchasing a mouse king piñata and stuffing it with holiday treats like candy canes.