Inspiration for the Nativity Sets - Mary & Joseph

 The main inspiration for my Mary & Joseph figures came from the nativity set my mom put out every Christmas since I was a little kid. It sat on the coffee table in the living room (which was where we put our tree). One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season growing up was to turn on Christmas music, turn off all the lights except the ones on the tree and just lie on the couch and watch the tree lights reflect off the gold leaf of my mom’s nativity. It was so peaceful. I’d never heard the story of where that nativity came from, but when nativities became such a big part of my life, I asked her and it turns out that she made it herself. I don’t remember her doing this but I guess for a while when I was very young, she enjoyed painting plaster figurines. When she saw this nativity in the craft store, she bought it and decided to gold leaf it instead of painting it. Except for my grandfather’s hearth clock, I don’t think there is anything in my parents’ home, higher on my “someday (far, far away) I’d like to inherit that” list, than that gold leafed nativity set. It just brings back such wonderful memories for me.


This is my mom with her nativity set and her grandparents (my great grandparents). I remember straw always being under the nativity, but I guess she didn't do that this year.

This is me and my sister opening gifts by the nativity. Only Joseph is in the picture, but this is the only photo I could find of me with the nativity. I'm the brunette on the right.

 This is my niece Sherrie standing in front of the nativity. No, we didn't put the bow there. She sat on it. The baby sleeping on the couch is my nephew Mitchell, who is now 24 years old and was my model for the shepherd.[/caption]