Nativity Scenes for Easter: 3 Resurrection Scene Sets That You Will Love

With so much focus on the Easter bunny, candies, and fuzzy chicks, many Christians feel that Easter is becoming too commercialized like Christmas. The significance of Christ and his resurrection sometimes is forgotten to children on Christendom's second biggest holiday. To remedy this problem, a few people borrowed a note from the age-old Christmas tradition, the nativity scene. By creating their own Easter Creche or Easter Resurrection Scene, they are able to display a religious reminder of the real meaning of Easter and finally let go of the annual tradition of watching a 7 ½ - hour marathon of the Ten Commandments and Ben Hur. Yay!!! (You know what I’m talking about. I’m sure most of you have either been tortured with this tradition and/or have decided to pass on the torture to your kids and grandkids). Here are our three favorite examples of Easter Resurrection Scenes that you will want for your home.

1. Fontanini

Source: In His Name The classic Italian figurine-maker Fontanini has built a reputation of quality and elegance for their world renown nativity sets. Their resurrection scene uses Jesus’ tomb as the main backdrop and includes the Resurrected Christ, Mary Magdalene with a water jug, and the Angle of the resurrection. Although the set is simple, it has an old-world charm that invites the Easter spirit. Source: In His Name Source: In His Name  

2. Easter Creche

Source: Easter Creche There is a relatively new company called Easter Creche that makes a beautiful figurine set that includes a few more figurines than the Fontanini set. The set depicts the story of the crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ with more modern-looking figurines. Source: LDS Magazine The three main figurines are the Resurrected Christ, Mary Magdalene, and the Angel. Additional figurines include two Roman soldiers, clay pots, potted plants, and palm trees.

3. PreciousPegs

Image Source: PreciousPegs We love this set made by PreciousPegs because it is a great way to teach kids about the Resurrection of Christ. It’s tasteful, yet child-friendly design makes it a perfect display for any home. If you prefer a more stone-like tomb, try this darling peg people option from Littlewoodens. Both can be found on Etsy. Source: Littlewoodens