Outdoor Nativity Scene Brings Communities Together

There’s something about an outdoor nativity scene that has always made me feel the warmth and spirit of Christmas instantly. There’s nothing quite as touching as what this scene represents. The stage is set for the incredibly humble beginnings of the King of kings and the life he would live. It sets the stage for the humble life he would live and the message he would bring of hope, love, and selflessness.

When I view my outdoor nativity scene and think of those humble beginnings, I can’t help but think of how hard that must have been for Mary and Joseph, new parents with little to offer their child. It makes me think of parents all around the world striving to provide the best they can for their children. And it reminds me of the most important things parents can give their children that money can’t buy, love.

It brings me joy to share the nativity scene with others. I love watching as people pause, when passing by, to look at our outdoor nativity scene. I’ll see groups of two or more passing when one in the group will point out the nativity scene to the other(s). You see them talking about it with excitement, followed by a mutual pause with no one talking at all. Of course, I can’t say what they are thinking at this moment, but I imagine to myself that they are reflecting on the reason for the season and what the nativity means to them.

I have even heard from a number of customers stories of how their outdoor nativity scene brings hundreds of people from their community out every year. It has become something entire towns look forward to each year.

When family or friends come over during the holiday season, our outdoor nativity scene is always a topic of discussion. It always provides an opportunity to talk about what it means to us. Sometimes this also acts as a catalyst to talk about share family Christmas memories and stories. It really warms the heart.

If you have been thinking of getting an outdoor nativity set to share with your family and neighbors, and lift everyone’s spirits, we, of course, recommend you get one from Because we want you to have great memories with your own nativity scene for years to come, we have painstakingly crafted our silhouette nativity scene and characters from the highest quality, marine grade, PVC material. Our nativities are lightweight, yet they are made to withstand rain, sleet, and snow for years to come.

Our nativity scenes are available in 4 sizes: Life Size, Large, Medium and Small.  Here you can see how the sizes compare...

The Large is our most popular size. What size is right for you? When I started this nativity business in 2008, I was so proud of the calm, simplicity of my design. It was so peaceful. At the time, I thought that adding more characters would just clutter it up, so I was very committed to not adding anything new. But, when inspiration comes, you just have to listen to it whether that's what you had planned or not. I have added new characters every year for a while and I've absolutely loved doing it. And knowing they have brought a lot of joy to a lot of people makes it even that much better. You can view the additional characters by clicking here. Regardless of which nativity size is best for you, it will add joy to your Christmas season year after year. I hope that you and your family have just as many wonderful memories from your own outdoor nativity set as we do.