Perfect Christmas Picnic Menu

You don’t need to spend every Christmas cooped up inside because of snow and the bitter cold. Many people prefer to spend the holiday season in warmer climates, treating themselves to a destination vacation. If you choose to escape the weather during December, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself wanting to soak up the sun’s rays as much as possible. However, others can’t leave during the holiday season, but would still like to enjoy a picnic to embrace the spirit of the season with the ones they love most. A growing trend that we’ve seen over the years is an indoor holiday picnic, where food and cushions are laid out across the floor, perhaps in front of a warm fire. No matter if you’re looking to plan an indoor or outdoor picnic, it’s crucial to put sufficient consideration into the menu. Your menu will depend heavily on where you’re hosting the picnic. The foods you eat outdoors on a beach or in a field are different than the foods you’re going to eat indoors when it’s cold outside. Consider the options below to help you come up with the perfect Christmas picnic menu.   Outdoor Menu To begin, you’ll need to consider appetizers for your outdoor picnic. One of our favorite starters is antipasto in a jar, which you can serve with vegetables. Also, think about a pork and chicken terrine served alongside a salad. You’ll likely find that the terrine is the perfect appetizer to share with others. When it comes to main courses for your outdoor picnic, think about dishes that are light and take advantage of local ingredients. We recommend serving a frittata made of pumpkin, herbs, and goat cheese. If you’d prefer a meat dish, consider stuffing a turkey breast with sage, raisins, and walnuts. These ingredients pair well with white turkey meat. One of our favorite sides that is ideal for an outdoor picnic is a peach, chili, and lime salad. These seasonal fruits can help drive home the fact that you’re enjoying Christmas in a tropical location. Lastly, it’s essential that you do not forget desserts. A berry pavlova is the perfect option to help celebrate the holidays outdoors.   Indoor Menu Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you can’t have an enjoyable family picnic. A picnic-style meal is an excellent choice who are not looking to cook a large meal but are still looking to enjoy festive foods in the company of others. Consider starting your guests off with a platter of brie and crackers. Cured meats are also an excellent choice for an indoor holiday picnic. Many also find that serving winter fruits, such as apples, and a honey dipping sauce makes for a quality appetizer. When it comes to the main course for your indoor picnic, we recommend a ham that is off the bone. This typically yields the perfect amount for a picnic-style setting and is easier to cook than a full turkey. As a side, try making a salad consisting of
  • Warm Roasted Brussel Sprouts
  • Cranberries
  • Parsnips
Pair this with pre-made fruit, yogurt and nut parfaits for dessert and your guests will surely leave feeling full!