Picture Perfect Christmas Outfits

This year, you may find that you want to take Christmas photos with your family. Perhaps you’ve been waiting for everyone to grow up to the point that taking the picture would be easy. Or, maybe you’ve just introduced a child or puppy into your family that you’d like to share with loved ones.
Whatever your motivation for taking Christmas pictures this year, it’s critical that you choose the proper outfit. Curious where to start? We’ve taken the time to compile some of the picture-perfect outfits for 2018, ensuring that this year’s pictures are the best yet.
Plush Plaid
If you plan on taking photos outdoors, you’ll want to consider bundling up in luxurious plaid. Consider choosing checkered patterns that use colors such as black or red. When setting the background for your picture, consider using neutrals such as:
  • White
  • Gray
  • Tan
Plaid allows for photos to be taken at any time during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. You’ll find that plush plaid is a compelling choice for pictures that involve activities such as caroling or riding a sleigh.
Party Attire
Another option you have for stunning Christmas pictures is to incorporate what you would typically wear to a holiday party. This likely involves being a touch more formal than you would be otherwise, wearing clothing items such as skirts and sweaters. You should also look into fun, festive prints, and patterns. Dressing up in dress shoes or heels and taking your picture in front of a well-lit Christmas tree should make for a photo that you’re proud to send to others.
If you’re looking for a cute outfit in which to dress your children, consider making costumes resembling festive candy. During the holiday season, this likely means candy canes. You can purchase or make shirts that have red and white stripes. While we don’t recommend that the entire family does this, as it will be a distracting aspect of the photo, dressing your children or pets in this attire could make for something memorable.
Ugly Sweaters
Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater laying around your home? If so, you can put it to good use when taking photos this holiday season. Dressing your family members up in their favorite ugly sweaters will likely make for a picture that demonstrates your family’s wild and goofy side. If you feel as though your ugly sweaters may ruin the photo or are a bit too over-the-top, consider having everyone wear their favorite classic Christmas sweater.
Utilize Props
Another option you have when crafting picture-perfect holiday scenes is to not focus on the outfits but to instead focus on the props in the photo. For instance, instead of requiring everyone to wear a matching sweater, you could ask that everyone bring their favorite Christmas-inspired accessory. Perhaps focus on family traditions and allow these to shine through in the photo. For instance, if you always leave cookies and milk for Santa Claus, incorporate these props into your holiday photo.