Preview Christmas Albums Of 2018

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s time to prepare ourselves for one of the most exciting part of the holidays – festive music! Each year, we listen to classics from artists such as Michael Bublé, Josh Groban, and Mariah Carey. In addition to the classics, you may find that there are exciting new songs and albums that you can work into your Christmas playlist this year. Below, you’ll find a preview of the albums that artists are set to release during Christmas 2018.
Jessie J
Jessie J is one of today’s most famous artists, producing hits such as “Bang Bang.” The artist is set to debut her first Christmas album this year, titled, “This Christmas Day.” It seems as though Jessie J will put an interesting twist on many classics, partnering with other well-known artists. For instance, she works with Babyface to sing “The Christmas Song,” and with Boyz II Men to sing, “Winter Wonderland.”
Rodney Jerkins, who is responsible for producing many albums for Destiny’s Child, and Jimmy Jim, who is responsible for creating records for Janet Jackson, collaborated to bring this album to fruition. With such big names, it’s reasonable to expect that this will be one of the hottest collections of the Christmas season. You can purchase this album or download it from your favorite streaming service beginning on October 26.
Eric Clapton
Even though Eric Clapton has produced music for decades, he has never produced a Christmas album. That changed this year with the release of his album, “Happy Xmas.” The album is currently available for download for purchase. It contains an original song, “For Love on Christmas Day.” Additionally, there are numerous classics on the record, including:
  • Silent Night
  • Jingle Bells
  • White Christmas


John Legend
John Legend may have already made his way into your holiday playlist after he collaborated with Mariah Carey on her 2010 album, “Merry Christmas II.” Eight years later, Legend decided to make a Christmas album of his own, titled, “A Legendary Christmas.” Available on October 26, this album is sure to provide flare to the holidays this season.
Legend partners with other powerful voices such as Esperanza Spalding and Steve Wonder on a few classics. He also covers a few lesser-known holiday songs, such as “Purple Snowflakes,” originally sung by Marvin Gaye. If you download this album in October and love it, you can purchase tickets to see Legend perform it live. He has announced a US holiday tour for the record.
William Shatner
When you think of Christmas albums, one from William Shatner may not be the first to come to mind. However, Shatner has released many collections throughout his career, so it’s no surprise that he’s decided to take the plunge into holiday music. Shatner puts a light-hearted spin on the holidays, referring to himself as Shatner Claus throughout the album.
When listening to the album, you’ll hear famous artists such as Henry Rollins and Iggy Pop. The album relies heavily on rock and roll, and you’ll listen to powerful guitar riffs in songs such as Winter Wonderland and Jingle Bells. This album will be available on October 26.