Protecting Your Outdoor Christmas Decorations From the Elements

If you are passionate about decorating your home for the Christmas season, you have probably put a lot of time, effort and money into making sure that your outdoor decorations look great. You have strung up lights, set up the outdoor nativity scene and turned your lawn into a winter wonderland. However, how will you make sure that your outdoor Christmas decorations are protected from the rain, wind, snow and other elements. Obviously, outdoor Christmas decorations and an outdoor nativity set will need more protection and care than indoor decorations. With the right strategies, you can keep these decorations looking gorgeous and lasting for many years. Here are some important tips that you should keep in mind when setting up an outdoor display.
  • Choose decorations that are designed to be used outside. They will be built out of tougher materials and crafted to withstand the weather. Before you buy something, do some research into how well it stands up to the elements and read reviews online.
  • When you are setting up lights, you can secure them with zip ties or clips every 12 or 14 inches or so. This will stop them from being blown by the wind.
  • Wrap electrical tape or a plastic bag around the points where the lights and electrical displays connect, so that you can keep the moisture out.
  • If you are creating a stand-up Christmas display, you will want to anchor the elements into the ground using stakes. For tall objects, you might even want to use guy wires if possible.
  • Remember that incandescent lights become hotter the longer they are used. The cold snow can sometimes cause them to burst, so limit the amount of time your lights are left on.
  • Or, perhaps consider using LED lights instead. They are cooler and are better able to withstand the elements. Still, it is a good idea to switch any lights off when it starts to rain.
  • Be careful when it comes to the electrical side of Christmas light displays. Your city regulations might require you to use a ground-fault circuit interpreter that will help to prevent shocks and shorts.
  • Pay close attention to the weather report. If a particularly serious storm is forecast, you might want to bring in your decorations temporarily so that they are not at risk of being damaged.
  • A tarp or a plastic sheet can also be placed over your decorations to protect them from a snow or rain storm.
These are just a few important things that you can keep in mind when decorating your home, so that your outdoor decorations don’t fall victim to the elements. Also, when you are taking your Christmas decorations and nativity scene down at the end of the season, make sure that you clean it thoroughly before packing it away. If you leave any dirt, grass, rain or snow on it this might cause stains. After cleaning, store your decorations in a cool and dry location - ready to be lovingly put on display again next year.