RECIPE: Marshmallow Melted Snowman Cookie

My Nativity, outdoor nativity scene, holiday nativity decoration, Christmas outdoor decorationFor this time of the year, when the snow is just starting to melt and the idea of Spring is in the air, these Melted Snowman Cookies are PERFECT! So many have had a total blast decorating these cuties. They love the ability to be creative. Click here for full recipes and tutorial. Comments:
  • For the nose I bought the candy orange circus peanuts. It was easy to mold it between your two fingers to make a "carrot" nose. Mini chocolate chips and m&m's make fun buttons. For a fun twist we used the twizler rope candy that you pull apart and made some scarves. I wish we could post our own pictures. Happy Holidays to all.
  • We had a few super melty marshmallows, so we added "top hats" made of mini oreo cookies on Havilland chocolate covered mint wafers, to cover up the overly melty portion.
Source: Truly Custom Cakery , Click here for the full article