Thinking of Proposing This Christmas? She Will Say "Yes" to These 8 Proposals Ideas

The holidays are a time of love, togetherness, and happiness. So what better time of year than the Christmas season when you want to propose to the love of your life? And, thanks to the season, it's possible for you to create a proposal that she will remember and will talk about for the rest of her life. If you want to impress her, you don't have to go huge - though you certainly can. Instead, just get a little creative and use the holiday to your advantage. Here's a look at eight great ways to propose that will almost guarantee she'll say yes and that she'll remember the occasion forever.
  1. Stuff A Stocking - This one isn't that difficult to do at all. Be sure to have your significant other hang a stocking for Santa. Then, stuff it full of some candy, fruit, or small gifts, but at the very bottom of the stocking, put the ring box. She finds the ring, turns, and finds you down on one knee, ready to ask the big question. Perfect right?
  1. The Big Night Out - A traditional proposal sometimes is just what she wants. Plan a big night out on the town. Of course, it would be perfect if it happened to snow. So imagine, you're out on the town in the frosty winter weather, lights, carols, and the hustle and bustle of the season all around. You head to a show, go out to dinner afterward, and cuddle together as you walk to see a local Christmas display. Then, let the holiday spirit work its magic. At the perfect moment - whether it's near carolers, by the park, in a gazebo, or somewhere else magical, pop the question. She will love it!
  1. Stacking Boxes - We've all heard of Russian Stacking Dolls, but have you ever thought of using the concept to propose? I know, it sounds intriguing, right? So here is how you do it. First, get a huge box, then put a smaller box inside, then a smaller box, and so on. Then, wrap up each one like a present, and in the final box put the ring. It's a fun way to surprise her and you get to watch her face in anticipation trying to figure out what is going on.
  1. Woodland Surprise - Whether you're heading into the woods to pick out a tree or just taking a picnic in the wilderness, why not use the occasion to propose in the wild? If she loves the outdoors, there is no place more romantic for her than a cozy spot with a serene backdrop. Bonus, your pictures of the moment will be spectacular!
  1. Ice Skating - You can also head to the local ice rink and go skating with your love. Some even do date nights designed just for couples, so you may be able to get access to a special song or a special moment where it's playing for just the two of you. Then, when the song is on, skate up to her on one knee (we are all that talented at skating, right?) and present her with the ring. It's a picture-perfect proposal location and she will be impressed with your mad skating skills.
  1. Tree Farm - Talk to a local tree farm to see if you can do something special there. Decorate a small area with lights and picnic blankets and go with her to find a tree, then lead her to the clearing. You can even get extra creative and put the ring in the star that tops the tree or in a glass ornament that is hanging on a branch that is hard to miss. Once she see's the ornament, that is your cue to start your proposal speech. Be sure to have the champaign ready!
  1. Light It Up - Lights are often all you need to really set the stage. String up your deck, hot tub, patio, gazebo, or any other area. Add some candles and really make sure that it captures the mood of the season. Then, lead her there to your magical spot and pop the question.
  1. Sing It - Our final idea, set up a visit from some 'Carolers' (actually, your friends). Let them sing through one song, then have them change the words of a Christmas song to 'Will You Marry Me?'. As the moment comes up, drop to one knee and offer the ring. Make sure your friends know to sing "Hallelujah" once she says yes. JOKING. But really, that would complete the moment and make you both laugh. Definitely a memory you will both cherish for years to come.