Tips for December Birthday Celebrations

As a parent you want your children to experience the joys of Christmas and the happiness that comes with birthdays, but what do you do when those holidays blur together? What are some little things you can do to make sure that your December baby feels special on their birthday, even when Christmas celebrations are in full swing? Here are a few tips that can help you navigate the sensitive and challenging aspects of celebrating December birthdays:  
  • Birthday gifts are only wrapped in birthday wrapping paper. NOT in Christmas wrapping. Never, ever, ever mix the two!
  • It's better to make the bigger presents the birthday presents and smaller presents are for Christmas. But that means you also can’t make the other children’s Christmas presents as big as your Christmas baby’s Birthday present.
  • Leave anything with Santa, Reindeer, Snowmen, or Christmasy-themed stuff for Christmas presents.
  • Swap the Christmas time birthday party for a fun party at some other time, like Halloween. Many parents struggle to buy birthday presents around Christmas and don’t want to send their kids to a birthday party when they have lots of family coming into town for the holidays. So having another party before the Christmas season is a win-win, the parents don’t have to stress about an extra present and your kid still has a fun party where most of their friends show up.
  • Another party at another time idea is to do a half-birthday party in June. That way you can incorporate fun summer themes or have a pool party. Who doesn’t love that?!
  • Try starting the birthday tree tradition. This is where the Christmas tree ornaments disappear overnight and are traded for streamers, balloons, and birthday hats before the morning of their birthday. It's a fun tradition they would undoubtedly look forward to every year.
  • Let there always be cake! With all the holiday sweets and hustle and bustle of the season, it's easy to want to forego aspects of a typical birthday celebration. But, make sure that if you do skip out on something that you never choose the cake. That’s the centerpiece of birthday celebrations.
  • Take a little trip away from the holiday craziness. Hotels with swimming pools are great for kids! Even if the hotel isn’t that far from home, spending a night away from home and having fun in a pool can feel like a nice “special” birthday vacation.
  • If you have kids with an early December birthday, one thing to make their day special is to hold off on the Christmas decorations until after their birthday.
  • If your child is born on Christmas day, make sure you separate the Christmas morning opening presents stuff from any birthday celebrations. For example, you can do a nacho birthday dinner, complete with birthday decorations and a fun movie.
  • If your child is born right after Christmas. Make it a point to take down the Christmas decor before their birthday.