Tips for Writing the Perfect Christmas Card

When the holidays come around - tis the season to send thoughtful and meaningful cards to your friends and loved ones around the world. It is a chance to reconnect with the people whom you care about, but might not see that often due to distance. Sitting down to write out Christmas cards can be a wonderful and relaxing activity and, in an age of email and superficial communication, it can be very fulfilling and meaningful. So, when it comes to writing a Christmas card - what should you say? Here are some valuable tips for the ideal card.
  • First of all - make sure that you have the right address so that all of your hard work is not for nothing! You wouldn’t want to go through all of that effort to send a card only to have it never reach the recipient.
  • Invest in some beautiful cards and a nice pen, to make the message so much more special.
  • Make each card unique and tailored to the person you are sending it to. You can always just write “Merry Christmas” on each one, but it’s so much more meaningful when you write something that is unique to them. It can be an inside joke, a word of encouragement about something they have achieved that year or a memory you have shared together.
  • Use your own voice and write as you speak, rather than trying to make your words sound fancy. You’ll make the letter feel so much more personal.
  • If you are writing to far flung relatives that you don’t see too often, identify family members by more than just their name. If you say, “Sally is doing well this year” they might not remember if Sally is your youngest daughter or your dog.
  • Keep it positive. Even if you have had disagreements with the friend or relative in the past, a Christmas card is not the place to be passive aggressive or to air your grievances. Say something nice.
  • Share gratitude. One of the nicest messages that you can send in your Christmas card is that you are grateful to have that person in your life and that you see them as a blessing.
  • If you know that the recipient has a good sense of humour, you can always include a joke or a funny quip in the Christmas card.
  • If you know the recipient is religious, they might appreciate a beautiful and meaningful bible quote in the Christmas card.
  • If you can draw - why not add a little sketch to the Christmas card? It is sure to make the recipient smile.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to write your Christmas cards so that you can post them and they will get to their recipients in time.
What do you like to include in your Christmas cards? Let us know in the comments.