Tips To Help Your Kids Learn How To Give At Christmas

Christmas. It's a holiday that millions of kids love, and with good reason. After all, the excitement of getting a gift is enough to make any child smile. But what is easy for our kids to overlook is that there are millions of others who simply aren't as fortunate - including many other kids.

Those of us who are lucky know full well that teaching the younger generation how to give is just as important as giving to them, and because of this, it's worth spending some time helping your kids learn how to give at Christmas. It's not that difficult, either. Just a few simple tips can help you teach your kids how to be more altruistic even as they get their own gifts.

Visit The Elderly - One of the best ways to show kids just how much little things mean is to pay a visit to the elderly. This could be the kids' grandparents, but there is value in reaching out to someone your kids may not know and are struggling this time of year. Think about taking Christmas cookies, gifts, or just smiles to the local assisted living facility. Few things bring as much pure joy to the world as the elderly getting a visit from kids.

Treat The Mailman - A small little gift in the mailbox is a great, fun, easy way to give a gift back to someone who has an impact on your life every day. Whether it's a candy treat, a gift card, or something else, leaving them a special holiday treat is something your kids can do.

Donate Items - Whether it's the local food pantry or a coat drive, donating a few items to a local charity is important. It shows children just how essential it is to give back - and also lets them see just how good it can feel to help others.

Donate Time - Instead of giving items to charity, what about giving some time? An hour or two at a local shelter or some other charity can make a big difference. Your kids can get out of the house and enjoy the feeling that helping someone can bring.

Make Treats For Others - Instead of just eating all the sweets this year, let your little one help you bake cookies, brownies, or homemade Christmas candy. Then, deliver those treats to friends, family, or even to school. It's a great way to spread some cheer around.

Random Acts Of Kindness - Maybe it's passing out a surprise gift card to a cashier at your favorite store. Maybe it's buying lunch for the person behind you in line at the drive-through. No matter what it is, taking those little moments of kindness and showing your kid what it's like to be altruistic is well worth doing.

In short, you have plenty of great ways to help teach your kids how to be more giving. It's an important lesson for them to learn, and doing so will often help you feel better about yourself throughout this holiday season as well - not to mention change the lives of others in small but meaningful ways.