Top 10 Ideas For Christmas Military Care Packages

No matter if you know someone deployed overseas this holiday season or are merely looking to support the service men and women who protect our freedom, sending a care package is an excellent way to support the troops. Taking the time to create a care package is a worthy project for a family and will teach children valuable lessons about giving back to the community and supporting those who are not as fortunate as them.
If you’ve never created a Christmas military care package, this holiday season is the ideal time to do so. We’ve sought to inspire your care package by providing you with ten ideas, which you’ll find listed below.
If you are sending your care package to a loved one, be sure to include plenty of pictures. This will let them know that you’re thinking of them this holiday season and that you miss them. The more, the merrier.
Letters And Cards
Besides photos, letters and cards are likely the most critical item to include in a care package. Try sending holiday cards to increase pleasant feelings during the holiday. Messages should be heartfelt and sentimental.
Your loved one will likely get sick of eating the same food day in and day out. Send snacks that will provide them with a taste of home. A candy bar or other junk food could uplift spirits. Also, consider things such as:
  • Hot sauce
  • Old Bay or another seasoning
  • Taco Bell sauce packets
Holiday Baked Goods
Another excellent way to provide military members with a taste of home is by sending them holiday baked goods. Try shipping products that are not brittle, such as brownies and some cookies. Also, make sure to package them in airtight containers so that they do not spoil.
Powdered Water Mix
Many military members hate drinking plain water every day. You can put mixable drink powders in a care package. This item won’t take up much weight or space, but it will go a long way toward providing a needed change of pace.
While serving overseas, it’s easy to grow bored during periods of downtime. You can add excitement to a military member’s life by adding forms of digital entertainment. Pick up the latest DVDs or video games to provide a service person with hours of fun.
Old-Fashioned Fun
The fun doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of videos games or electronics, either. We’ve heard from many military members who said they play cards and board games while deployed. These are cheap, easy additions to a care package.
Magazines And Books
Another excellent addition to a military care package is the latest magazine and books. If their favorite magazines have begun to stockpile at home, send them overseas so that your loved one can catch up on reading. Another excellent way to send magazines and books is via an e-reader, which you can pre-load with the material.
If your loved one has a particular type of toiletry brand or product that they prefer to use, be sure to include it in the package. For instance, if they have a favorite body wash or lip balm, including it can make them feel at home.
Personal Items
There are many practical items that you can send that won’t go to waste. Things such as sunscreen, lens cleaning clothes, and baby wipes could all go a long way toward improving the quality of life for a military member.