Ultimate Guide To Buying Olivewood Nativity Sets

When browsing for a new nativity set, there’s a good chance that you’re taken aback by the different options available. Although you need to buy the nativity set that is best for you, your home, and your family, one of the options gaining popularity of late is an olivewood nativity set. Olivewood nativity sets are well worth the purchase, providing you a durable nativity scene for years to come. Below, you’ll find the ultimate guide to buying olivewood nativity scenes to help you make an informed decision. What Is An Olivewood Nativity Scene? Whereas many nativity scenes come with standalone pieces that you can position any which way you’d like, an olivewood nativity scene is carved out of one solid piece of wood. They typically feature exquisite detail and would be considered the focal point of your holiday display if you purchase one. Although olivewood nativity scenes are treated to protect the wood from the elements, most recommend keeping your nativity scene inside. The scene is likely too small to display outdoor anyways, and the more exceptional details of the nativity would be best enjoyed up-close and personal indoors. How Much Do Olivewood Nativity Scenes Cost? The cost for an olivewood nativity scene varies significantly depending on where you make your purchase. They are almost manufactured exclusively in the Middle East, so they would be a souvenir that you would need to fly home. If you purchase the nativity scene in Bethlehem on the West Bank in Palestine, it will cost about $100 US dollars. Some users have indicated that they were also able to purchase olivewood nativity scenes in Israel, although the cost skyrocketed to $800 US dollars. Others have reported that they bought their nativity scenes for less than $100 US dollars by buying it in Jerusalem’s Old City. Were you ever travel to the Middle East, we recommend securing an olivewood nativity scene if possible. Not only will the display be a memorable souvenir to help remember your trip, but you may not ever get another opportunity to purchase one of these displays again. Also, keep in mind that these nativity scenes are incredibly durable and should outlast the average nativity scene as long as you care for it correctly. You’d be making an upfront investment, but it could end up saving you money in the long run. A Quality Nativity Set What makes olivewood nativity scenes particularly unique is that they are carved entirely by hand. The carvers who do this are incredibly skilled. The pieces are intricate and detailed in every feature, every wrinkle, and fold. Unfortunately, there has been a rise in numerous “knock-off” olivewood nativity sets, and it’s important to make sure you’re getting an authentic piece before you make your purchase. Many manufacturers have begun pressing the wood to make the nativity scene. They press the wood when it is wet, which leaves it vulnerable when it dries. Olivewood nativity scenes that have been pressed do not last very long, because they wood cracks when it dries. Many of these products are shipped from China. If you are going to purchase an olivewood nativity scene, do not order one online from China if you are expecting a quality piece.