Nativity Shepherd Set

nativity shepherd
White silhouette shepherd with three sheep and dog for your outdoor Christmas display. Comes in 3 sizes.

Size Price Discount if With Nativity
Medium Shepherd 17" wide x 29" tall, 10mm thick Buy Buy
Large Shepherd 24" wide x 41" tall, 13mm thick Buy Buy
Lifesize Shepherd 37" wide x 62" tall, 16mm thick Buy Buy
  • Beautifully detailed nativity shepherd, sheep and dog.
  • Made of the same high end marine grade, PVC material the nativity is made of. I spent a lot of time researching PVC sheets and believe me; they are not all the same. About our materials
  • Shepherd comes with clips that can be attached to 1/2" re-bar or a stake (not included) to secure to the ground.

Standing Shepherd

The shepherd was the 2012 addition to our nativity set collection. The first thing I needed to do was to learn how to spell shepherd. I sent out a questioner to some of my past customers earlier this year asking them what they would want in a "sheppard". Standing, kneeling, sitting, looking up, looking down, praying, reaching out, etc. A few of them were kind enough to tell me that I was spelling it wrong. After tallying the replies I received, I decided I was going to add two shepherds. One standing, looking down and one kneeling in prayer. This year, I'm adding the standing shepherd and a few extra sheep. (I would guess the kneeling shepherd will be added in 2014. I've got a lot of people waiting for wisemen, so that's just going to have to be next year).

Unlike everything else I've done on this nativity, I will be honest and tell you, he was a real bear. I struggled with him like nothing else I can think of, ever. I worked on him off and on for over 2 months. I couldn't even count how many positions I've had his arms and hands in or how many times I changed how far forward he was leaning or which hand the staff was in or was he standing in profile or straight on. Things just really didn't click until I started to read a little about the history of shepherds. It turns out that in those days, the shepherd was typically young and poor. They were lower working class. Humble. When you think about Christ's life, it makes perfect sense that it would be shepherds that would be invited to the manger that night.

So, I changed my shepherd to a young man, rather than an adult. I took off the head dress that I'd had on him all along and showed his unkempt hair. I took off most of his robes and made the ones he did have, more ragged and worn. And suddenly, my shepherd was a real person to me. A humble, quiet 17 year old, in awe of, but maybe still not quite understanding exactly what he was part of.

I don't know that a shepherd will ever draw the emotion from people that an angel or the Christ child and Mary will, but he was an important part of that night. God gave him the gift of being there. How amazing is that?