Nativity Customer Comments

Oh, Carolyn, it is beautiful!!!! Exactly what I have been looking for for a number of years. It came today and I just put it up in the yard. Your directions were great! It arrived in excellent condition and I will be able to use the box for storage. I am thrilled and appreciate your kindness in making sure I received it. We WILL enjoy it for many years and I will thank you year after year. Happy holidays to you and your family! Many thanks! Pat

We absolutely love it Carolyn, thank you so very much. Cerese

We have received countless compliments on the nativity. We are very pleased with the quality, ease of set-up and your customer service. Merry Christmas, Fred

I love how easy it was to set up and it was packaged so well. Thanks for offering a great product. It looks great in front of our church. Tim

I went to my father's this weekend and saw the is stunning, really beautifully done. It looks STUNNINGLY like wood! I can't believe it's not. I absolutely love it. I'm putting mine up today - my dad wants to cut down all his bushes so people can see it better! Nancy

Looks like a ton of craftmanship went into this nativity. Wow! Thanx. TJ & Liz

It is so beautiful. Last night driving home, as we turned onto our street...we both were amazed. The nativity just....glows...and we were touched. It was amazing.

Carolyn, It's perfect. Put it up this weekend. No troubles and my wife loved it! Thanks. KTC

Merry Christmas, Carolyn - the Nativity Scene arrived and has been on display in our front yard since Thanksgiving weekend. IT'S BEAUTIFUL! Feedback:
Product met expectations
You provided timely and realistic updates on the progress of the order.
You kept your word and made it easy for us to do business with you.
We would recommend you and your Nativity Scene to others.
I'm sure you are busy completing orders this week but wanted to send an e-mail to tell you how much we appreciate doing business with you and value your attention to detail and customer service.

Good Morning Carolyn,
I received the nativity in the mail on Wednesday and I put it up yesterday in the snow!! I shouldn't have waited--but actually it was just beautiful out and I enjoyed it!! I have to tell you that the package came without any damage and I am so impressed how easy it was to put together!! Usually when you get something you need to modify it somehow to work but not with this. THANK YOU for being so careful and making this beautiful nativity! I did get a flood light and the shadow it makes on the building behind it is awesome.

Hi Carolyn,
I received the nativity last weekend, bought the spot light and had one of my sons help me set it up on the front lawn. We live at the end of a cult-a-sac so as you drive up the street it is very impressive. My immediate neighbor has a told me she loves it! I appreciate the shipping box also designed for storing the nativity. Directions were accurate and straight forward. We absolutely love it. We love the Lord and this is a beautiful way to express it at this time of year.

My wife absolutely loves the display. I hope you sell a lot of them. As an industrial tech person, I was really impressed by the packaging you developed. Have you worked in shipping design? I was also very impressed with the quality of your cutouts. It appears far too precise to be hand cut. Did you use CAM (computer assisted manufacturing)? Great workmanship.

Hi Carolyn-
I received the nativity today. The box was in perfect condition....Everything inside looks so well-laid out. Thanks, it looks great! Our kids have been begging us for a few years to have a nativity outside, but until we found yours, we have not been impressed! Looking forward and blessings to you and your family for all your hard work!! Beth

Hi Carolyn, It arrived with not a single bump, bruise or scratch, the box was in great shape. The Nativity is BEAUTIFUL!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! It was very fast and easy to put together. I have been looking for something like this for 5 years. Thank you. Merry Christmas and God Bless you, Pamela By the way - I am the Manager of Customer Service for ConocoPhillips and have to say that you are showing me how to be better at customer service. You are the best!! Greg

Carolyn...I have been looking for years for a nativity for outdoors. Then last week I was reading my Bible and felt led to google "Outdoor Nativities" and there were several sites...but when I finally came to yours I just knew that was the one! Thank you for all your hard work...and packaging can be a chore. I will report are adding to our Christmas this year in a way I knew if I just waited He would show me the pefect one. Have a blessed Monday...Susan

Mrs. Carolyn, Your last email was over the top in customer service. I would vote for you for President. "Bell in 2012" Larry

Dear Carolyn, I Love, Love, Love my nativity set. I live in Southern Florida. It has been windy here because we are having a cold front. When my husband and I set it up, we followed your directions exactly including the tethering. We are having no problems at all. It looks beautiful!!!!!. Can't begin to thank-you for all your attention to detail including all your kind notes to us.

Carolyn, The nativity was safely delivered last Sunday, and we now have it all assembled and waiting for me to finish the proper backdrop to show it off at it's best. The nativity scene is wonderful! It exceeds my expectations - it is more three dimensional than I thought it would be, is very sturdy, and your artistry is just superb! Many thanks for sharing your talents, and I'm so glad you are close enough that you might be able to see it properly installed on our church porch sometime over the advent holidays. Please stop by. If you give me a call a little ahead I may be able to meet you there - we can have you autograph your work! Many thanks again, Linda

As long as the weather cooperates, I'll be unpacking and putting up your nativity this weekend along with the rest of my decorations. Even before unpacking it, just opening the box it is easy to see the care and artistry that you put into your work. Thanks again, Greg PS. My wife thinks it's beautiful. as I do too.

I love my Nativity! This is my third Nativity in three years and I finally found the right one. Thanks so much! God bless and Happy New Year! Barbara

The nativity scene was a great success. Could not wait to get outside so we set it up in the front hall inside the house. My wife is so pleased. Very pleased. Also I thought the way the star is assembled and mounted on the roof was very ingenious.

Thank you so much for all your efforts in producing this nativity scene it is very intricate yet simple down to earth and gorgeous. My husband fell in love with it when he saw it all out together.. the Simplicity of it is breath taking is calm, serene and exquisit all at the same time. Again thank you so much for offering such a beautiful piece of art work. Judy

Hi Carolyn,
I received my nativity today and everything was in excellent shape including the box. It was very easy to assemble and I have it set up in my yard already. With the spotlite on it, it is breathtaking. You did a beautiful job in your design. I kept thinking while I was assembling it that it sure would be nice if everything I buy was this well made and easy to put together. I will send you a picture in a couple days.

Hi Carolyn, The nativity scene arrived today and it is fantastic. Assembly only took a few minutes. We absolutely love it. Thanks so much for your great product and fast service!! God bless you.

All of our neighbors just love our nativity set, I've given them the information if they are interested. Thanks again for making such a beautiful and quality piece of yard art that truly represents the true meaning of Christmas! Have a very Merry Christmas. Debbie Hi Carolyn, Just wanted to confirm that:
1) YES, we received everything in fine shape.
2) YES, it was VERY easy to assemble.
3) And the biggest YES, it looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We really LOVE this piece of art. That's really what it is.
Good luck to you and have a great Holiday season.
Tom and Chris

Carolyn: The Holy Family arrived with their donkey today. The box was in perfect condition. FedEx did a wonderful job. D & I were so excited that we assembled it right away. It is beautiful. Thank you . We didn't want to take it apart so we are storing it in the living room until we get back from our Thanksgiving trip. My husband is entrigued by the material and precision and details. SHARON

The Nativity Scene arrived this morning while I was at a meeting. Upon entering my driveway I could see the large box at the front door. I could hardly wait to open it. It is just beautiful. We opened it and put it together in less than 15 minutes (in our living room on the carpet!!!). We have all the right pieces and everything worked out well. Can't wait until Thanksgiving weekend to put it up outside. Thank you so much. This is JUST what I wanted. Bless you ... and thank you again
Sister Dolores

Hi Carolyn; I received the nativity and finally got around to setting it up yesterday. I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a nice, well constructed, great looking, well planned and designed nativity set! What else can I say? It's beautiful!

It is so much like plywood! It is so bright white... it's great! I do have one question.... will it age/wear? Will I ever need to paint it to restore the original bright white color?

Hi Carolyn, We absolutely love it and so do the neighbors! Thanks again for such fine craftmanship! Merry Christmas,

Let me complement you on the clever, streamlined way the nativity is packaged. I am a freak for organization and it's put together very well. Even though I got home late tonight, I couldn't wait to see what it looked like so I put it up inside my living room. I constructed the nativity as I took each piece from the box. I know that the directions suggested to put it together with a helper but since my husband was busy, I did it myself. It went up in a snap and it is beautiful. I love it! I am so glad that I finally got around to ordering it. Thanks for the speedy shipping and for the most meaningful christmas decoration. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

wanted to let you know how much our congregation enjoyed the nativity. It is beautiful, well made, simple yet elegant. Could not be happier with our decision!

We were so pleased with the addition it made to our outdoor scene this year. Our neighbors stopped to tell us how much they loved it. We were away Christmas when it actually snowed on Christmas day, I wish I had a picture, they say it was really special. It is just beautiful, and we are so gratified to know that it will be beautiful for years to come, with just a little care. Thank you for your beautiful product, Suzanne

We LOVE our nativity!!

The set is lovely in it's simple elegance. Our priest, Father David found your set online...oddly, I found it, too. When Fr. David mentioned the set, I immediately knew what he wanted...meant to be. The set looked serene on the winter lawn of the church. It was well received by every member....many family Christmas photos were made with it.

Now that the holidays are over I wanted to send you a photo of the nativity as we used it at our church's Christmas Eve Service. As you can see it was truly beautiful on stage! We had it on the lawn until the night of the service and it is so easy to put up and down we moved it very quickly. Thanks for making such a great product and being so helpful in the care and storage instructions!

Carolyn, Our nativity arrived today - it is beautiful and the material is so durable. FedEx delivered and the box is in excellent condition. We will be able to use for storage for many years to come. Set-up was 30 minutes - so easy. It looks great in the yard. Thanks for your product - it is wonderful.
Merry Christmas

Hi Carolyn, Thank you so much for the update and staying on top of things. I look forward to seeing the Angel and adding her to the display. As long as you keep making new items to add to the display I will keep ordering them - you do a first class job. You and your family have a wonderful holiday and know that your Nativity Scence adds so much to our holdiay season.
Merry Christmas,

HI Carolyn, Thanks for the new additions to the outdoor nativity set. I just ordered the donkey to go with my original set. I don't know if you remember or not.... you have lots of customers.... I had emailed you about 3 years ago about the nativity set. I was having difficulty with it due to the high wind in my area. I never responded after you sent some suggestions to correct the problem. Your ideas worked perfectly. THank you! I am so happy with the set now! I ordered the large donkey - I think it looks so peaceful and serene I'm looking forward to displaying the set again this year. THank you again! Nancy

Everyone seems to think it is a very nice Nativity or at least that is what they are telling us, ha-ha!! We are very pleased and it does look very nice. I would have loved to have gotten the Larger one, but this year it was not possible financially. I think you do a beautiful job... Thank you again for everything.. As I said before you are so easy to work with and staying in touch. Merry Christmas....relax and enjoy. Mila

I've already had some people ask about your nativity while I was just getting it set up. Thanks again. You make a good product.

Carolyn, I got to work on the nativity on Saturday after Thanksgiving. It went up very easily - no confusion in the instructions. I really liked the way it was packed. I will definitely keep the box for storage. Comments I have received have all been VERY positive. Our only regret was that we didn't buy the life size version. Perhaps next year?

Good Morning Carolyn, I received my nativity set yesterday, oh how quick that was and the box arrive in perfect condition! Last night we were so excited to set it up that we did a dry run before setting it up on the front lawn. The Santa Ana winds are starting to pick up again. You were right about making sure it is on a level surface so we will need to find that right spot on the lawn and definitely use the stakes and possible tie downs. We can't wait to get it in place! It will look great once displayed with the spot light we will buy today. Is it made of wood or PVC plastic?
We love it and will send you a picture for your photo gallery soon,
Merry Christmas, Allison
PS. Everything else looks really good. We Love It, and I'm a perfectionist!

We love it !!!!!!!
The size is perfect for our house and yard. A friend came over and he loves "light play" and says we need lights here and here and then put the angel up higher and shine a separate light on her . I told him he was in charge of lights. I have not got a single complaint - other than I wish I had it years ago - but this means so much to me right now. Thank you - thank you. I feel as though we are friends. It's a beautiful day here. Perfect to put up our baby Jesus.
Bless you, Marge

I am in total surprise on how beautiful my Angel is!!!! It is much bigger than I thought it would be. The detailed work is unbeliveable.... She came very well boxed and very clean...Ted put her up today next to the nativity set. But Saturday morning we are moving everything to a different location in our small yard. I want to see it when I drive into the drive way and when I look out my front window. She and the whole nativity set is beautiful.

Hi Carolyn,
I am sorry it has taken me so long to let you know that the Nativity arrived. ( I just got out of the hospital yesterday ) Anyway, my husband put it up and it looks beautiful. The packaging was remarkable and even tho one corner of the box was damaged nothing inside was disturbed !!! The nativity scene is a treasure and one day will passed on to other family members.
Thanks again,

Carolyn... The Nativity Scene arrived on time, and in excellent shape. It is more than I could have imagined, and looks beautiful all lit up! Thank you for shipping this so fast, and for making a superior product, at a time when others try and cut corners on quality and durability.
a happy customer

Dear Carolyn,
The nativity scene is the best investment I've made for a Christmas decoration. It's beautiful, peaceful and delightful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your outstanding work. Have a blessed Christmas. Sincerely, Luminita

Hi Carolyn, I liked the angel so much that I just ordered another one. Hope I get it as fast as the last one. Thanks so much, Judy

great doing business with, not only a real artist, but a real person who takes the time. I am a big advocate for singing the praises of those who deserve it and I will certainly sing those for your beautiful work and I only hope I can do it justice on my front lawn. Keep up the good work it's truly a gift.

Dear Carol:
The nativity has arrived! It's beautiful. One question, though: Is the nativity wood or PVC? It sure looks like wood. I am so excited to have this scene.
Blessings and hot chocolate,

Hi Carolyn, We purchased one of your nativities this year and have it proudly displayed in our front yard. Our neighbors have already complimented us on how beautiful our new Christmas display is this year. You can see your nativity scene proudly lit up from a block away. We love it and plan on adding to it as you do each year. (My eyes still tear up every time I see it lit up in the evening!) Much Joy to you and your loved ones, - Lisa

Received the nativity set on the scheduled delivery date by Fedex. Box was in pretty good shape, but the tape was torn along one seam on the long side of the box. Everything inside was in good shape. The display is excellent! The instructions for assembly in the box were enough to get everything standing in just a few minutes. Even with the use of fishing-line stays, the entire setup took less than 20 minutes. I'm really pleased with the quality of the PVC sheeting. It looks like it will last forever. I had a nativity set made from plywood that only lasted about 6 years. I'm hopeful that this one will last longer than I do. : ) We are looking forward to new figures to be added in future years. (I'd especially like to add shepherds and more sheep)

Hello Carolyn.
We are more than delighted with our Nativity set, and glad we ordered the large one. It stands out in our neighborhood (a sea of Santas, snowmen, and candy canes), in testimony of the true meaning of Christmas. Per instructions, we used invisible fishing line to anchor it at four points from the star making it hurricane-proof! We spot-lighted it at an angle to achieve added sense of depth. Beautiful!

I wanted to share a story with you since this is your work and I cannot take the credit for it. A gentleman came knocking on our door. He asked about the Nativity set (your creation) and where we had gotten it. He LOVED the simplicity of your design but still very stunning. I gave him your website information but I thought it was very flattering to have a complete stranger come knocking at our door to find out about it. Especially since society is trying to take the true reason for Christmas out of the mix. I am saving our pennies so we can get the Angel and your new piece for 2012! ;-)
A very satisfied customer,

Hi Mrs. Carolyn,
I hope you are doing great! We put the nativity scene up last Friday! It is absolutely stunning! We have a pretty big yard and it is perfect! And so, so easy to put together! My husband said he wished everything was that easy to put together! I just want to thank you for taking the time to put together a life lasting, beautiful piece of art! If I don't talk to you, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks so much again!

Everyone loves the nativity; it makes such a wonderful showing. Thanks for all your help.

Hello Carolyn,
Thank you so much for all your help! We absolutely love the nativity set! You should see all the cars that slow down and even stop. You probably have heard that millions of times before from other customers!

You have a great product...which I see is being poorly imitated in the marketplace already. Keep up the high standards on the art work, design and production.

It looks great...nicely done. People are stopping and taking nighttime photos. We have blue flood lights on it. Merry Christmas.

Carolyn: I love my Nativity Scene. However, I have only one question/complaint. The description of the material indicates it is marine grade pvc. But, the material looks, feels, sounds, and bends like wood. Did you send me a set made out of wood or pvc? My obvious concern is that wood won't last (from weather, handling, and storing over the years )nearly as long as pvc.

We are not Christians who openly talk about our faith to strangers (although we probably should) so your wonderful Nativity set gave us that opportunity. Thank you so much. As I was installing it I was impressed with the quality of the material used, the craftsmanship of the work, the packaging of the parts in the box so nothing would be damaged and the clarity of the instructions. I truly believe that the good Lord led you into this ministry of providing quality Nativity sets which allow Christians like us to witness to our faith at Christmas time. Be assured that your Nativity will be the center of our CHRISTmas decorations for many years to come.
God Bless your Work,
Jack and Marsha

Dear Carolyn,
Merry Christmas! Well, we received our Nativity on Christmas Eve and put it together immediately. It is so beautiful that my husband and I can't keep ourselves from going outside to admire it. Once again, sincere thanks to you for your beautiful creation and for getting it to us so quickly. Best wishes to you and your family for a healthy and happy new year.

Carolyn you're wonderful and so is your nativity. I do want to add the donkey to my scene next year. Roberta

It's actually nice to do business with someone who cares about their customers as well as their sales. The nativity set is great. It set up just as easily as described. It was a great addition to our outdoor decorations which always reflect our household's faith in Jesus, and our attitude that He is the center of our Christmas celebrations.
We got a lot of comments from everyone that came to our home through the holidays. I gave your web site to everyone that asked where they could get one.
Happy New Year.
God bless you and your family now and through the years ahead.
Chris & Jane

Thanks Carolyn for such wonderful customer service. It shows pride in your work and your love for Christmas. And it SETS YOUR COMPANY Above the rest. We and the neighbors enjoyed this nativity very much, it says it all about Christmas. Good work and beautiful. Thanks again. I also like the donkey and peace sign, will see if I Can get that also this year. Many blessing for you in the New Year. Jerrie

I don't know if you heard of the winds we had here (90+ MPH), but the nativity scene held up, and with the exception of slight movement, was untouched. Funny how that works, but just up the street a 70ft spruce fell over, along with 400 other trees. and Edison poles, but the Nativity scene, picture perfect. Thanks for everything, It was wonderful JIm

We love our nativity set. We placed it in the middle of all the other Christmas stuff and realized it was so special we needed to move everything else away, so the nativity was by itself. Much better!
Thank you for your effort. Kelly

We've really enjoyed our Nativity Scene. It was easy to assemble and is very durable just like you said. Thanks for a great product and your excellent customer service.

Carolyn , our Nativity arrived in great shape . The carton was excellent and no damage to the product. Thanks for your instructions and attention to detail. Because of some high winds , I secured the set with larger turf spikes that I found at Home Depot garden dept.. (10" Tuff Spike" Anchor System). So far so good. We have really enjoyed the Nativity. Thanks for a great product. Happy New Year !!

You cannot imagine how happy our congregation is with the "life size Nativity Scene"; thank you so much for the beautiful work that will last forever. I was talking to someone at church and I called you by name and they said "Do you know her?" And I realized, no, but it feels like I do.
I look forward to talking to you next year about your "new additions" because we will be anxious to purchase them.
Thanks for all you do.

Dear Carolyn
I wanted to thank you for the beautiful nativity set. You seem to take pride in your work which is nice to see.

Carolyn~The box arrived in a timely manner and in good condition! I love the nativity. It was easy to assemble and looked great outside. I regret I didn't take any photos before I packed it away for the season! THANKS AGAIN!
PS: It is sooooo refreshing to have someone genuinely care about their product and customer satisfaction! I also appreciate, you and your "staff" taking the time to make my nativity beautiful !

First, Merry Christmas to you and your family. You certainly helped make ours a success. Everyone who saw your product just loved it! I don't know if that will translate into any sales but I'll gladly refer people to you. As an engineer, I really appreciated the Nativity Set and the packaging that it came in. Nice job. Finally, I have never brought a product that has as much personal comment and suggestions as yours do. My wife and I are very happy customers.
Hope you enjoy the New Year,

I look forward every year to putting up my nativity set. It is beautiful. Thank you Dee and Bert

It is perfect in its simplicity. I get compliments from people all the time.
Grace to you, Joan

I really like the nativity, and a lot of it is because of the simplicity of it. For years my husband and I put up a several piece set for my Mom and I was getting weary of doing that, so this set is just great. I love it; I can bring it in, wipe it off, let it dry, and pack it away in that box until next year and not take up very much space. Thanks for making this awesome set. God Bless your efforts.

Your nativity was perfect and beautiful.
Thank you again and God Bless.

Your Nativity Scene is a great product and looks great as a Christmas display.
Thanks again,

Carolyn, I opened it and the workmanship is beautiful! I saw it on the Computer, the difference setting and I loved them ,I know I will Love mine when I display it at the end of the year. Nothing moved in The box it was well packed. The angle is beautiful! I just Love IT!!!!!!!!!!!.
You do beautiful Work. A statement at Christmas time in our front yard. Love you and again THANKS SO MUCH.

WE love our nativity! We put it up the weekend of thanksgiving, and it took maybe 3 minutes!! The only problem we've had is it's fallen down a few times, and that's only because of the strong winds we've had occasionally, but it only took seconds to put back up! I've seen lots of nativities in our "neighborhood" but none as elegant and big as ours...of couse, they are all great, but I like ours the best. Just thought you might like to know how much we are enjoying it! Candice and Jason

I just got it and we love it! Box was in good shape with the exception of one little cut (not deep). Thanks for sharing the spirit of Christmas. Carie

Hi Carolyn. We had significant winds this year as well...but, I have to say the nativity held up extremely well. I had to re-secure the stakes a couple of times. The lamb was the only one who fell over. I set it up so it shadowed on the house at night. It was exactly the look I wanted....(I did have to remove a bush!).
Thank you for all of your feedback. Your pride in your work is certainly reflected.
Have a happy and healthy new year.

Carolyn, The nativity arrived yesterday and I put it up right away. I have a spotlight on it and it is beautiful! The spotlight casts a huge shadow of it on my house, so it is like I have 2 of them! I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again!

I received my nativity last Friday and it arrived safely. I have already taken it out of the box and set it up in our study so I could see the finished product. It looks beautiful!

Hi Carolyn, I wanted to let you know that I received the nativity on Saturday afternoon, 11/15. The box was intact and the display is beautiful. We're very pleased with it. Thanks and Merry Christmas

Thank YOU!! We have been VERY pleased with our nativity scene--even with the gulf breezes in our area, we had to use only minimum security.. It's very lovely. EKING

Carolyn, The nativity arrived on Friday 11-7-08. It was in perfect shape. The box will be great for storage! I set it up in my garage in minutes. I am very pleased with it. It was great doing business with you. I'm sure once people see it they will want one also, so I'll send them your way.

It is wonderful. We have it set up and we have enjoyed seeing it out as we pull up to the house. Thank you!

We received the second nativity a few days ago. Both are up and look great! Thank you again for this great product and kudos to you for your entrepreneurial spirit! I really like the elegant simpleness of white - especially against our tropical green backdrop here in Florida Your design of the characters and stable have a great artistic charm that has blalance and looks well crafted for all those neighbors to admire as they go Christmas light looking. Have you ever considered making a larger nativity? Thanks again & have a blessed Christmas

Greetings Carolyn, I received my Nativity Friday, December 5th. The package arrived in good shape; it took a little longer than I anticipated but I was anxious. Thanks for the packaging tips. I am really happy with it and it's all that I expected. I know I'll use it for years! I appreciate all your efforts in getting it to me! Merry Christmas,

Hi Carolyn!
I am so thrilled with my Nativity scene! I live on a hill and we seem to have constant winds. I am blessed to have many trees on our 7 acres and many are soft pines and frasier fir pines. I nestled the nativity in the pines near our road with a spot light and it was beyond beautiful. Thank you and many Blessings for the new year, Julie

Good morning Carolyn:
Our nativity scene arrived via FedEx this morning in perfect shape no holes or other apparent damage to the cardboard box and all contents in good shape. You did a great job of packing. I unpacked and assembled the unit by myself in about 45 minutes. That was in the house. I'll have my wife help me with the reassembly once we're ready to erect it outside. But first, I think I'll construct a platform for the unit; something to secure the base and to make it easier to raise everything once the snow starts to pile up in this area. Your masterpiece is exactly what I've been looking for the last several years. I just never had the time, expertise and tools to do it myself. Many thanks. I'll send you photos once the nativity scene is in place. Joe

Merry Christmas and thanks for the tip! It should really help.........The Nativity looks great in the park in our city. It is at the base of the very colorful 35 ft City Christmas tree. I put a spotlight on it that comes on at night. Looks perfect! Thanks for doing an outstanding job and helping keep Christ at the center of Christmas! John

Dear Ms. Bell,
We found your Nativity Scene to be of high quality, and consider your customer service to be very good. Your product support emails have been much appreciated.

Hi Carolyn--
Our daughter came home for the weekend from college and I told her we should try and put the nativity set together to see how it looks. Could not believe how easy it is to put together!!! All the pieces look great. Thanks for the nice anchors. We'll see how windy it is where we're setting it up. LOVE how the star looks when attached!.

Our nativity arrived on Friday in very good shape. There was one small hole, but we opened the box and there was no damage to any of the pieces. We were very impressed with the workmanship & how well it was packed. My husband is a UPS driver so he knows good packing when he sees it!!! Thanks so much for everything. And good luck with your business. Kim

Dear Carolyn, Thank you for making the Nativity--it is beautiful--exactly what I wanted! I think it makes just the right statement. Hope you continue to make them and have great sucess! Again, thank you and hope your Christmas is very blessed! Alicia

Merry Christmas I think you did a great job all my neighbors are asking where I got my nativity from. We have had a very windy couple of weeks here in new jersey but as you suggested a little fishing line works wonders. Mine went down twice but not after I added the fishing line. Have a healthy and a Happy New Year and again thanks. Marty

Hi Carolyn - Just wanted to let you know that we love the nativity. It's beautiful, and looks very nice in front of our house. The Fed Ex shipping was great - arrived in good condition when promised. -Mary

The order came Wednesday as you predicted. I am very happy with it. Will be putting it up this weekend. It perfectly matched your description. Many Thanks
Pastor Don

Got the nativity and it is awesome. Set it up in the garage last night and know how and where I am going to use it. Playing with the lighting and it will so perfect at the top of my little hill. It arrived Thursday and I love the small, reusable box and the ease of assembly. Will be perfect for years to come. Keep me on your mailing list if you add wisemen, shepherds and other animals. I think there is room to grow with it. Good Luck and Blessings to You, Pat

Just to let you know I received my nativity and have it on my porch roof (because we have a young dog that might chew on it in the yard!). It is lovely.

We really enjoyed our nativity this year! There was no significant damage in the shipping. The re-usable packaging was a wonderful idea. It was a beautiful effect on lights coming through the cut outs of the star when viewed from the back! It had a "shining" effect with rays going different directions.
Thank you for the excellent workmanship!! We'll enjoy this purchase for years to come!

hi!!! i decided to use my nativity as my Christams tree, it turned out very beautiful, with all the presents under it...... i was very satisfied with it, i look forward to putting it up again next year.... thankyou and have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.... sandy

hi!!!! just a note to let you know that i got my nativity scene on sat. the 8th, the box was ripped just a little, not enought that anything had fell out.... for as many miles as it had to travel and be thrown around i thought it was in pretty good shape..... i put it up in my living room it looks splendid...... i'm very satisfied with it..... can't wait to put it up outside, will have to wait since we got about 5 inches of snow.... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND GOD BLESS YOU..... thanks again, sand

I ahve been wanting to tell you that we had 40 mile per hour winds all night long and the nativity survived. I layed in bed think oh we should have taken it down but it did not blow over. My husband had to put it up a couple times last week when the winds were worse but I wanted to tell you that we were really happy with it. It came in plenty of time for the season and I love it!! Thanks so much for making such a great product! I enjoyed my entire experience with you and would recommend you highly to my friends. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

Thank you very much - we have your nativity in our front yard now as a bit of snow falls it looks lovely. Very well packed ty. Merry Christmas

We loved it and will use it for MANY years to come. I had soooo many people stop and compliment it. What a great accent to my decorating. Thank you so much for your hard work and creativity. Best of luck in your business, I know it will do well. Happy New Year, Katie

Hi Carolyn !!
Want you to know I experienced no difficulties in set up or windage problems, particularly with the tie downs set tight - and yes, a small area of level ground is needed. The provided stakes work perfectly in our Florida soil surviving multiple weather fronts passing our way without need of adjustment . I gave away boxes of lighting icicles, planting lights, moving deers and other commercial exterior Christmas decorating "stuff" that would have distracted from the statement of what it's really all about. With soft LED lighting directed to the Nativity - simply said the results exceeded expectation . . . . Neighbors have brought friends to see and compliment it. I've a saying picked from a favorite book - "I value anyone doing anything they choose to do well" . I think you may exemplify and subscribe to this . . . . My thanks for your gifts of concern and care.
Wishing you and all those dear to you a safe and eventful New Year.

It is just what I wanted. It was peaceful with only a spot light on it in a quiet natural pine bed located on the curve of our property and it displayed the true Joy of Christmas. We saw many cars slow down to enjoy.

It's here and it's wonderful! You were so clever in packing it. All the pieces are just fine. The box was torn in two places but I can fix with duct tape. I cut it open like you suggested and plan to use the box for storage. I have already put the nativity together by myself. Your directions were easy to follow. I thought your construction, having all the parts connected, was a great idea.

We love our nativity scene you made for us. It wasn't difficult to put together at all. We already had a spotlight for it. Your instructions were great. And Bill and I are so happy. Bill threw his hands in the air and hollered "Sweet Baby Jesus".....we all love Baby Jesus.

It is beautiful. Last night when we came home as we turned in on our street...we're at the top of the cirlce...we both were amazed. The nativity just....glows...and we were touched. It was amazing.

Thank you so very much! We love ours....and Mother loves it too. I walked her out front, before dark so she could see...."Susie! Where did you find this?" Love, susie

We are taking down our nativity set which we absolutely love and get many compliments from neighbors,,,one of which I have sent your email to. The nativity makes a big shadowy outline on our beautiful home and I love pulling up to see that!!
Thank you so much for making these. They are a blessing to our family.

Dear Carolyn: Just want you to know how much we loved our nativity scene. Such a wonderful way to show our Christmas spirit. Thank you very much. Leslie

Thanks for the info. We go so many compliments on the Nativity, we just love it. Please let us know if you add any pieces in the future.

We purchased your nativity set last year and continue to get many compliments. It is beautiful, simple and "calming". We have the standard size along with our precious donkey!!
Thank you. We shall meet someday! Sharon

CB, We really enjoyed displaying your nativity scene. Many delighted comments from neighbors and other visitors. Thanks for your design. Edgar

Happy New Year Carolyn!
I love the angel addition to the nativity set. Our neighborhood gets bumper to bumper traffic at Christmas. I've gotten so many compliments on your manger scene, you just wouldn't believe.
I'm looking forward to next year's addition.

Thank you so much! Our nativity is packed and ready for storage. Wish we could keep it up all year long but I guess the neighbors might think we were crazy. :)
Happy New Year!
Rob and Christi

Thank you very much, we have had so many people tell us how beautiful our nativity is. We have really enjoyed looking at it during our CHRISTmas holiday. Hope you all have a blessed new year!

The Nativity Scene was just what I wanted and looked great at the front of the house with a spotlight.

Carolyn, Rick and I have enjoyed our Nativity so much. With sadness, we put it away today.until next Christmas. It is beautiful. We hope to add a piece or two each year.
Thanks for your help and your love for the true meaning of Christmas. Will be in touch for next Christmas.

Thank you so much. It went up really easy. Thanks so much. Hopefully we can get everything back into the box. Have a great 2012. the depinto's

We've had several comments on the Nativity set. Everyone, including us, thinks it's wonderful.

Happy New Year to you & yours. Thanks for taking such good care of your customers. We appreciate it. Your nativity is beautiful.

Hi Carolyn:
We sure have enjoyed our new nativity display. It's positioned just inside the entry portico to our courtyard where it can still be seen from the street. We have received many complements from friends and neighbors.
Thanks for all your follow-up correspondence.
Happy New Year,

Hi Ms. Bell,
We love the Nativity we purchased from you along with the donkey and angel......keep us posted if you are going to add additional items for this coming year.
God Bless,
Marty & Faye

Thank you so much! We love our nativity scene and received many complements.

My daughter and I laughed when the box arrived with "Fragile" stickers on both sides along with "boot prints" on both sides of the box. There were also small gashes on the box but despite being walked on and "gashed" the nativity arrived in great condition. We look forward to many years of use.
Happy New Year!
June :)

We loved our new Nativity scene this year, thanks to you. We had several people asking us where we got it. In one instance, someone rang our doorbell just to ask us! Will most likely be ordering more figures in the future.
Have a great New Year!

We enjoyed our nativity scene so much. In a neighborhood of Santas, elves, snowmen etc., it was great to be able to have such a simple, lovely nativity to point the way to the true meaning of Christmas.

I am thrilled to have brought the real Christmas back to my decorations and received many positive comments. Thank you for your beautiful work.
Happy New Year, Mary Kay

Worked out great! Quality product.

We love it Jerri

The nativity scene looked great on our front porch. The scene has a good home. It will be tucked away until next year. Thanks, Jean

Thank you - I love it. Thanks for such GREAT customer satisfaction.

Thank you Carolyn! I so enjoyed my Nativity this year. It brought back the meaning of Christmas. I had many compliments about it. Thanks so much for the instructions. Happy and Blessed New Year. I also enjoyed the Merry Christmas sign. I have it so i can enjoy it in my backyard next to my Santa and Snowman. I collect snowman. I love them.

I never got around to letting you know how easy the scene was to put together... and it looked great in our yard. We took it down early this morning and managed to get it back the box.

You are great. We got a lot of compliments on our nativity this year. Thanks so much for the photos and instructions -- very helpful! Best wishes to you and yours in the new year.

We LOVE our nativity scene. Thank you!!!

Hi Carolyn; Christmas was wonderful and so is the Nativity scene. Thanks again and have a very Happy New Year.

Dear Carolyn:
We thoroughly enjoyed our nativity for the first time this Christmas. Lots of houses had lots of lights, but ours was the only nativity in the area. What a wonderful reminder to all of the true meaning of Christmas. We love it! We are glad you came up with the idea and did something about it. One neighbor commented that she liked the simplicity of it.
The best to you and yours for 2012.
Don and Pat

I truly believe that the good Lord first lead me to your Website in October of 2010 and I regretted that year that I did not follow through and order your Nativity set. That is why I ordered your Nativity very early in 2011. I decided, that the only "decoration" in our yard this year would be your Nativity set and a simple string of white lights on the porch as a background. I don't think my wife understood why at the beginning but when she saw the final result she understood.

Now this is what I call excellent customer service!!! Thank you Carolyn!!!

I loved my nativity!! Can't wait to use it again and again!

we love our nativity, Terrie

We really enjoyed the nativity and hope to for many years to come. I think it sad that there are not more nativities displayed nowadays. Happy New Year to you and yours......

Thanks for all of your support! Our nativity was able to withstand the first Santa Ana windstorm, but, to be safe, I did dismantle it for the second storm that passed through. I used all the stakes, along with a tether of fishing line. As assembly is so easy, it was a cinch to set up again. Thanks again, I have really enjoyed the nativity!
Julie R.

We received our nativity scene in about 3 days after ordering. Great Fed Ex transportation! I made a box to sit on our front porch with the scene attached to it and used a blue light. We had many compliments on the scene and questions where to buy one. They have your web site. One of our grand daughters is getting married in June and requested one for their home as a wedding gift. For over twenty years we always give our grand children nativity sets for Christmas. It was suggested to me that we could give the outdoor one when they get married, so I might be buying more in the future with 7 grandkids. My wife and I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary in August and the monetary gifts we received we bought the nativity scene. The attached photo is one that we use on our annual Christmas Letter and I informed our friends and family that the scene on the stationery was purchased with their gifts. The frost on the greenery is real after a most beautiful morning fog and frozen frost. Thanks again for your outstanding craftsmanship in making the scene. Keep up the great work! We will keep our scene up until Epiphany.
I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Ken and Charlotte

It was beautiful.
Thanks for doing this!

Hello, Mrs. Bell, Ted here, The nativity was a gift for me. I was so excited when I received it in July. I couldn't wait to put it up. I absolutely love it. Thank you, & Happy new Year. Ardell

We had lots of comments from neighbors & folks who saw the pictures I uploaded to Facebook - all positive! We may still upgrade to life-size next year. You'll be the first to know.
David & Carolyn

We have very much enjoyed having the nativity scene out in the front yard this Christmas season. We like how visible it is both during the day and at night (we have a spot on it).
We'll definitely be thinking about adding a new piece next year!

Hi Carolyn
I received it. I just set it up. I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see it tonight. Thank you so much. The box was fine and the directions were so easy to follow.

Just wanted to let you know my wife loved the Nativity!
We have it displayed proudly on our lawn with spot light!

tonight we are assembling it in our living room and tomorrow my husband will put it out front for me. We are going to get a spot light for it. It is so easy to assemble! As I typed this they started and finished already! It is awesome. I am definitely adding the donkey next year!
I will be bragging about your company thru January (probably forever actually) as our Holy Family will be out front thru the holy season.
I hope you have a blessed Christmas

Hi Carolyn,
My beautiful nativity scene is on my front lawn with the spiral Christmas trees and animated reindeer. I put a spot light at the foot of the nativity scene and it also casts a shadow on the house in back of it. Cars slow down and look at the front lawn all the time.

I just love the nativity scene and wish I could've gotten the really BIG one.

Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for helping to make ours so beautiful.
God Bless You and the work of your hands.

We're really enjoying the nativity and have had numerous compliments about it. Hopefully, it will spur some more requests from Ohio! Please let us know if any additional figures are created, we would love to keep adding to the nativity scene.
Merry Christmas,
Dean & Family

We love out nativity set and can see a good deal of thought went in to its design and construction. Merry Christmas
Russ and grace

Thank you Carolyn,
The Nativity is beautiful and we have had many compliments on it.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

We received the nativity today and we love it!! I am so glad we went with the life size. The scale is perfect. The package arrived in perfect condition and was very well packed. Thank you! Thank you!
We hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas!
Rob and Christi

Carolyn! We received the nativity on Friday & put it out on Sunday. The box was in good shape - there was just one side where the tape had come loose, but everything was inside.
Your nativity is exactly what I'd had in mind & hadn't been able to find. So simple & yet so beautiful - all in keeping with Christ's birth. Thanks!

Dear Carolyn,
We're so happy with the nativity scene - we have looked for years for one. It's strange for us not to have snow yet, but it still looks beautiful.
Thanks so much and have a Merry Christmas.

Hi Carolyn,
We got the nativity set up after speaking with you and it is beautiful and we love it! I am very impressed with the quality of your product! After doing much looking for exactly what I wanted, I was happy to find it on your website!
Merry Christmas,
Mary Lou


Good morning Carolyn,
I received my order and it shipped just fine. FedEx did a great job with the delivery. The Nativity is beautiful; I'm glad I ordered it. Thank you for the tips, which made assembly and stability a snap.
Thank you and Merry Christmas,

We put up the Nativity Scene last week and have had so many wonderful comments about it. It was so easy to put together. Thank you for that. We just bought a spot light and it is all aglow. Again with a joyful heart I say, "THANK YOU"

Thank you so much Carolyn for the beautiful Nativity. Your packaging and instructions were wonderful. Your web video was really nice. We can't wait until next year as we are thinking about the miniature Nativity for indoors. Enjoy a beautiful and peaceful Christmas season!
Richard & Pat

Everyone loves the nativity! It's set up in front of the church along the road for everyone to see as they drive by. Many slow down and even stop to get a better look.
Thanks again for all your work in providing such a lovely nativity!

My nativity now has the manger with Joseph and Mary and small sheep. Two large donkey's, a Noel sign, and two OUTSTANDING! We trimmed the whole house in light blue lights, and put 3 spotlights on the nativity!
I can't wait for the wise men next year!!! I do get lots of compliments of the simple but elegant nativity scene. Our Pastor made the comment that the Nativity Scene was beautiful!!!
God Bless, Pat

We put it up last week with a floodlight to show it off. It is absolutely beautiful!! Thanks again for you excellent customer service.

The whole congregation is so happy with it, thank you for your beautiful work. I look forward to adding to our collection next year.
Have a wonderful Christmas,

I never had contact with any one or company on the internet like you that makes me feel like you are standing in front of me.
Keep up your great responses and I probably will be ordering the donkey next year to increase our beautiful nativity scene we purchased from you.
Bob & Barb

The box arrived in perfect condition! Just put it out yesterday and we're really pleased with it.

Hello, just got my nativity up and it looks great. Thank you so much, and have a Merry Christmas..

Dear Carolyn,
The Nativity Scene is up and lovely!! Everyone loves it.

Everything worked out perfect. Thank you so much for your amazing work and support.
Merry Christmas,

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that we received our nativity scene and my husband put it up last Friday. We have received many compliments on it and everybody wants to know where we got it. We live near the middle school and high school therefore we get a lot of traffic. Great way to witness!
We are VERY pleased with our purchase from you.

Dear Carolyn, I've had the nativity scene set up for about a week now and i'm very pleased with it. At first I was sorry that I hadn't ordered the life-size, but I put some lighted white trees and blue lights around it and it looks great. If you decide to make any additional figures such as an angel or a shepherd I would be very interested in having them. Thank you so much, Judy

The angel arrived and is beautiful. She really added to the nativity scene extremely well. thank you for doing this and for listening to me complain. this makes the nativity scene so much more beautiful.

Our Nativity Scene arrived last Friday right on time and in fairly good condition. The box for the distance it traveled was in pretty good shape, not perfect but still in good enough shape to allow us to use the box for years and that is all that matters. I had three men waiting for the truck to put the nativity scene up and they did so in freezing cold weather with it drizzling. It looks fantastic and we are so pleased. Did I not read that you try and add a new piece each year? We would be so anxious to add to our nativity scene each year. Do you send out e-mails?
Thank you again for a beautiful thing to add to our church.

The nativity arrived from FEDEX and was is great shape. The box was not damaged. Thank you for the prompt service. We intend to email Diane Sawyer to add to the growing emails people have sent concerning" made in america". Merry Christmas. Jo and Paul

We received the set a few days ago and my husband put it up on the weekend. Thank you for a very beautiful product. I have looked for a number of years to find a pretty set that we could afford and this set is just what we have been looking for.
In Christ,

Hi Carolyn,
My nativity arrived yesterday!! My husband and I put it up today. It looks GREAT! I love it I cannot wait for my parents to see it . . . I think it would be a great gift for them. (I'll be in touch :)
Thanks so much for your honesty and perfectionism!
I look forward to reminding everyone that passes by about the true meaning of Christmas!
Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks again.

Hi Carolyn, Every part arrived perfectly. The angel will be going up on the right about 8'. Our spotlight doesn't do it justice so we will be doing something else with lights. I want to find some straw to place in the stable. My grandson Cole wanted to "ride on the donkey" and climb on his back the first thing. It's more than we expected. Peace. Marge

We love the nativity! No damage.
Wendell & JoAnn

Hi Carolyn!
We received the package in perfect condition yesterday and I just put it up. Love it!
Thank a million, Carolyn!

Thanks so much, Carolyn!! What a pleasure doing business with you! Thanks for the help with the information about the lights. Thanks for getting back to me so soon!!
Merry Christmas to you too!

Carolyn, you must be so busy with all of your orders. You are excellent. The nativity is wonderful. take care. kate

Just wanted you to know we got the angel and she is so BEAUTIFUL She was packed very well. Can't wait to see next years addition. Have a merry and blessed Christmas.

The nativity is all set up and is soooo beautiful. Everything was in good shape and went up pretty easily (I wasn't there but it didn't take them that long). It's all staked and we will put up floodlights tonight.

I just wanted to let you know that I received the NATIVITY SET on Friday (11/25/11). It looks beautiful. My nephew and I set it up on Sunday. It was very easy to assemble. My nephew commented how easy it was. The instructions were very easy to read. We especially liked the fishing string suggestion. We used a 30# string. We live in Cleveland, Ohio and we never know what weather we will be experiencing on any given day. So far it is holding up like a trooper.
I am being selfish in regards to this nativity. I put it in the back yard so that I can enjoy it.
Thank you and have a Blessed Christmas!

Nativity arrived today delivered by Fedex. It looked like you had just boxed it up. Fedex did a great job. Thanks for the advice on opening the box. My wife and I are tickled pink with set. Its the perfect size for our front yard and will send a great message about what Christmas is really all about.

We absolutely love it & have gotten a lot of compliments on it. Great product!!! Robert

Hi Carolyn;
We put our Nativity up yesterday; I love it! It is just what I have been looking for! I appreciate your emailed instructions; definitely helpful. I smile every time I look out the window and see the nativity, thank you. Sharon

Good Evening Carolyn,
My angle arrived this afternoon while I was out. She was very well packaged..not a mar or anything out of place.. As I was opening her my husband was watching (clueless as to what it was), when I finally took her out and set her against the sofa he was taken back.. he said WOW she is beautiful where did you get her.. explained to him it was an added piece you decided to do with the manger scene we purchased last year.. he too said you do awesome work. Again, words cannot tell you how greatful I am to be able to experience your talents. Thank you so much..
Blessed be you and your family.

Hello Carolyn,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my Meduim Nativity on Saturday Nov 26th . I love it. My husband put it up in the front yard this morning. He installed floodlights in front of it. It looks beautiful this evening with the spotlights on it. My neighbor saw and complimented me on it. I am very happy with it. It was easy to assemble. I really love it. I will recommend you to my friends and family. Keep up the good work you do. You have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthly New Year.

Carolyn, the nativity arrived in good order and we put it on display today for the advent season. Thanks and we look forward to adding to it next year.

Hi, Carolyn
I was out of town for the week of Thanksgiving & my angel was waiting for me on my door step. She is beautiful and, once again, I thank you for your commitment to creating a beautiful product. I look forward to adding more each year.
Have a blessed holiday season

We received the Nativity and opened the box. All seem to be in great shape! Although we have not assembled it yet we are happy with it. We appreciate your attention to detail. Lynn

Hello Carolyn, You sound like a very thorough and nice lady. We research nativities and found yours to be the best looking. Thank you for all your love in this product. We wish you a very Merry Christmas.

And thanks for all of your hard work, your work is beautiful! I love my nativity scene and I know I will love the angel also because I trust you! Merry Christmas!

I am excited to read about you making a new piece each year for the scene! I can't wait to see what you come out with next year. The angel is gorgeous and so detailed. I have searched for years for a nice nativity scene and yours has been by far the best!! Keep up the great work.
Kerri Thanks for taking such pride in your work...and God Bless you and yours Tonna

Thanks again for your wonderful customer service!

Carolyn....We love our nativity scene! Folks can view it from the road & we get lots of good comments. Bob & Elizabeth

Hi Carolyn,
I LOVE the angel and definitely want one as an add on.and will want the shepherds in future years. How exciting to add a new figure every year (for us at least as I know it adds a lot to your workload).
So happy for you and your successful business.

Thank you!!!! I love the angel and wish to add two to my set. I collect angels and would love to frame my Nativity between a pair of angels. You are such a great artist, and truly inspired. Your designs represent the real meaning of Christmas and I appreciate your focus on the Christ's birth in a simple, loving way.
Thank you!

We very quickly and easily got my nativity set displayed in the front yard. So excited. Down here in south Georgia I haven't had any problem with wind.
I would love for you to please consider making some additional pieces....for example some wisemen/camel additions. That would be so awesome.
Let me know if you have any plans.

Just wanted to send a little note to let you know how much our center enjoyed the Nativity scene. The assembly of putting it together and taking it apart was very easy and it lasted. Thank-you so much for all your easy care instructions. Thank-you again.

Hi Carolyn,
We purchased your nativity last year. We have really ENJOYED!!!
Arnie and Pat

Hi Carolyn, I love my nativity. The kids in the neighborhood loved it. My husband was so surprised.. Thank you for making our Christmas more special. Thank you for all the tips. Have a wonderful New Year.

Hey Carolyn,
The nativity scene got here before Christmas and my parents loved it. I know you were looking for pros and cons, but right now all we have are pros. We'll let you know if any cons ever come up, but I don't think so. Also, my mother was wondering if you would ever be expanding into sheppards and wise men? Anyway, thanks again for everything and we'll be in touch next year.

Hi Carolyn,
We received the nativity around Wednesday (can't remember exactly) and the box was in pristine condition, and so was the nativity. We set it up in the garage to test it out, and we love it. My husband said if he was going to build a nativity, this is exactly what he would do. He likes that it is light in weight, was packaged very well, and the instruction were simple. It's an A+. Regards,

Hi Carolyn,
We love our nativity so very much and have had so many wonderful comments on the nativity. This is our third year displaying your beautiful nativity. We are going to order the donkey for next year but would love to have a couple of angels too. What do you think?
Cerese & W.C.

We love our Nativity. It is so beautiful. Thanks for making such a beautiful nativity. I have wanted an outdoor set for many years, glad I found yours. Dee and Bert

Thank you so much for going above and beyond with regards to helping me with this purchase. I know that our school children and their families as well as our neighbors will enjoy this beautiful nativity scene.
Merry Christmas!

Hi Carolyn,
Wow, you're fast! We just received the Nativity this afternoon. We will get it set up in the morning. We thank you so much for your great customer service. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas season.

Hi Carolyn,
We LOVE the nativity scene. Have already passed along your website to friends.

Really like it!!! Deanna

Hi Carolyn,
I just put my nativity up on Sunday and LOVE it! So far the stability seems fine, but I appreciate your extra tips. Debbie

Thank you Carolyn we love the Nativity set everyone commented on how beautiful it is. Now it is under 2ft of snow. Thank you for the instructions.

The nativity was the absolute best part of our Christmas decorations.
Thank you - Emma

We did that adding fishing line around the stars like you showed in the instructions. We've had some pretty good winds and no trouble - so far. The fishing line is not visible so you can run additional lines any where you think you may need them. FYI - our neighbors cat seems to enjoy crawling through the lines - cats are strange.
Lots of compliments on the nativity. It's beautiful.

Hi Carolyn,
Thank you so much for the beautiful set! My husband put it up right away and was very impressed with the quality of construction and professional instructions. We are both very pleased and will send you a picture.
I am so glad you make these sets. Merry Christmas!

We were really pleased with our nativity set. You are providing a wonderful nativity set to your customers and doing a great job.

Thanks for all your help. My nativity is very stable because of all the things you suggested. We have even had some high, very high winds, and my nativity has stayed put. I love it and so do all my friends and neighbors. Judy

The nativity scene was a great hit, and I was totally pleased the way it looked on the front lawn, even half buried in snow I just shoveled around it and the yellow flood lights made it stand out against the white snow bank.

Hi Carolyn,
We received our nativity scene and are thrilled with how it looks. My husband put it up with little or no problem. We love it and have had many compliments from the neighbors!
Thank you again for shipping so quickly. Sincerely Julie

I got the nativity yesterday and set it up today. It is wonderful!
Thanks again!

Thanks so much for such a beautiful nativity and the excellent service too.
Judy Young

Good morning Carolyn:
I just wanted to up date you on your nativity set. It withstood 50 mile hour winds!!! But sad to say we took it down, the snow burrried it, and with the snow plow pushing more snow from our driveway I'm afraid it wouldn't withstand that. Next year we will be putting it up on the other side of the yard. Just wanted to let you know how sturdy it is.
Merry Christmas

We love our Nativity...thank you! Unfortunately, we have been sick with that nasty month long respiratoryinfecton that has been going around -s o we forgot to take pictures....will do so next year and send to you. Thank you for the beautiful scene and your thoughtful, helpful emails. Kathy

Happy New Year Carolyn,
We so enjoyed our Nativity, and were so proud to have it. It is beautiful!
God bless you in your work as you keep Christ in Christmas.
Frank and Kathy

Our nativity came in good condition and the set up was pretty easy. I did put transparent fishing line for support as you suggested. I really like the simplistic look.

dear carolyn,thank you for the beautiful package arrived just fine. i hope next christmas comes real soon so we can all enjoy it again. its beautiful.many thanks,kim

Have a Very, Very Happy Holiday Season. You truly have made it very special for me this season with this one-of-a kind nativity set.

The nativity is great and I got a lot of compliments on it. It looks great and better than I expected; Karen

I've already had two neighbors ask about my nativity and I've sent them both to your website. Thank you so much. I really do enjoy the nativity!

Now that the nativity is set up, let me say that it is just BEAUTIFUL! We love it and have already had folks stop to say how lovely it looks. We have it out in front of our home with a spotlight on it. By the way, the directions you provided for set-up of the nativity were well done and very easy to follow. Thanks so much for the emails you have sent with tidbits of helpful information. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!
Leslie and Steve

Hi Carolyn,
Just to let you know I have not had any trouble at all with stability. When I orginally set it up, I used the fishing line and some extra tent stakes as you suggested, since we live in the country and there is always lots of wind.
My grandaughter and I put it togther in about 7 minutes. I would like to get a picture to you but I recently had surgery and I'm not venturing outside.
Merry Christmas!
Linda B

I was extremely pleased with the Nativity Set. It was easy to set up, and illuminate. I worked small white lights between the two stars, it was very effective, then I front lit the whole scene with a pale blue light. Many, Many compliments. I am planning to order one of the "message" signs for this coming Holiday season, and perhaps the donkey; not sure yet, but I will be in touch. Thanks for a great Nativity Set. Most gratefully yours, Linda

It arrived yesterday. It is so awesome. Packing was in good shape... Thanks ! Lisa

We are very happy with our purchase and your friendly and prompt delivery. I would be happy to recommend you to others.
The shadow of the nativity on the front of the house, pretty neat!

Hi Carolyn,
My nativity arrived yesterday and it is just beautiful! I haven't set it up yet, but I have looked at it and will plan to set it up right after Thanksgiving. The box is in perfect condition. I will definitely be able to store the nativity in the box. Thanks again for your fantastic service!!

Hello Carolyn,
I've been searching for a long time for an outdoor display that was affordable but not "cheesy". I was beginning to think that there was nothing in between the inflatable holy family and the ornate life size statuary that cost in the thousands. So thank you for providing me with something so beautifully simple that I could afford. I have a blue spotlight on it and it just looks lovely. Next year I may think about putting it on a platform of some sort in case there's a lot of snow, but this year I'll just keep my fingers crossed. I'll have a year to work out that platform thing.
Thanks again, and have a Blessed Christmas.
A very happy customer,

Thank you. We love our scene and it was packaged and explained very professionally. You've got a great business there, and you are evangelizing, too!

I'm not an experienced internet shopper, but the whole purchasing & delivery process with you went very well. I'm thrilled and can't wait to see it. Thank you, Carolyn.

We are very pleased with our nativity.
We have been having some heavy winds here in Pennsylvania since I put up the nativity and it is very stable. Our nativity barely moves in heavy gusts of wind.

Hi Carolyn,
We enjoyed our nativity scene very much, and received a lot of complements. Randy Hi, our Nativity arrived in perfect condition - box too! husband changed my initial location for nativity as he knew the wind would hit it is tucked safe by our house and doing fine. Just love it and grateful for your dedication....God Bless, Susan

It was a joy to be seen by all.
A satisfied customer

I love my Nativity very much. So simple and perfect with the spotlight on it. Neighbors have commented how nice it looks so if they're interested I'll give them you email information.
Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you Carolyn.

Hi Carolyn,
My husband and I got the Nativity set put up; it is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! It is just what I was looking for. Several from the church have made positive comments. I'll send pictures for you soon.

I called Wade today and he set up your nativity scene and they love it. "Thanks, Mom, it's awesome". Thank you so very much...this is really special. Thank you....I love your God-given are blessed. Love, susie